In order to be the best, we must build on our foundation while bringing the future into the present.

Francis Bradley
President & CEO, CEA


CEA is the best trade association.


CEA is the national voice for sustainable electricity for its members and the customers they serve.

Corporate Values

CEA’s corporate values will continue to be the guiding principles that unify our organization.

Strategic Goals

CEA’s strategic goals reflect the Association’s role to
think, advocate, communicate and educate on behalf of members


Analyze emerging and strategic trends and their implications for members and their customers, while recommending appropriate actions to members.

Address emerging strategic issues and the implications for the industry

Develop the regulatory frameworks for the future


Provide national leadership and advocate for the industry and its customers on critical legislative, regulatory and other strategic policy and operational issues..

Promote member interests and advocate on their behalf with respect to priority issues

Extend CEA’s reach through partnership and growth


With a pan-Canadian voice, promote electricity as the solution to Canada’s decarbonization goals and position the industry and CEA as trusted enablers of this vision.

Promote and position electricity as the solution with key stakeholders, including members’ customers

Promote the electricity industry and all those involved in it, up to and beyond the meter, as the enablers of electrification and decarbonization for Canada

Promote and position the Canadian Electricity Association as the voice of electricity in Canada and facilitator of electrification and decarbonization for Canada


Enable members to improve the effectiveness of their organizations through education, forums for knowledge transfer and best practices, and related services.

Continually assess membership categories and benefits, and grow membership and corporate partners

Interact with members on a continuing basis to ensure that their needs and concerns are being answered by the Association

Create exemplary programs and materials to support members

Founded in 1891, CEA is the national voice of electricity in Canada. Achieving our vision to be the best trade association while creating a sustainable future that is good for business, good for communities and good for Canada, requires us to be deliberately focused in our approach to think, advocate, communicate and educate.