NRI Industrial – New Corporate Partner Profile

CEA would like to welcome and introduce you to NRI Industrial, one of our new Corporate Partners of 2019!

NRI Industrial provides businesses with solutions to help them recover capital from used and surplus assets.

NRI Industrial offers a host of asset recovery services; these include industrial auctions & liquidations, consignment services, salvage operations for decommissioning projects, transportation and storage services, equipment purchasing, as well as consultation and valuation. With each solution, clients benefit from the firm’s global market presence and custom-tailored industrial marketing strategies.

NRI’s past clients include a range of businesses and organizations, including but not limited to energy and utilities providers, government agencies and municipalities, equipment dealers, and other industrial-sector companies. NRI serves clients from the following industries:

– Power Generation

– Transmission & Distribution

– Manufacturing

– Pulp & Paper

– Oil & Gas

– Pharmaceutical

– Food Processing

– Automotive

– Mining

To learn more about NRI and how NRI has helped clients, please download client case studies at or visit the company website at