New Corporate Partners September 2019

Oliver Wyman –

Who We Are

Oliver Wyman is a global management consulting firm at the forefront of the North American Energy industry, combining deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organizational transformation. With decades of experience working with the Utility sector, including investor-owned utilities and other Energy companies across Canada and greater North America, our team helps to develop and apply proven, results-oriented approaches across all sectors of the market.

What We Do

In today’s unprecedented energy environment, traditional business models are becoming outdated. Across the board, utilities are faced with navigating an aging infrastructure and complying with increasing governmental regulation at both the national and international level. Meanwhile, the energy transition and technological innovation—such as electrification and the Internet of Things—have introduced opportunities to enhance efficiency, improve the customer experience, and collaborate with other industries. Our Energy team helps clients make sense of new trends, challenges, and opportunities in Energy, while efficiently and effectively managing their existing business and assets.


To learn more about how Oliver Wyman works with industry leaders to help formulate a new vision of what is possible, visit our website or check-out some of our recent Energy insights below:

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Voltage Power –

Voltage Power Introduction for Canadian Electricity Association Newsletter

Voltage Power is a transmission, substation, and distribution contractor working across Canada.

With headquarters in Winnipeg and an office in Calgary, Voltage Power was started in late 2014 by industry professionals with decades of experience on high voltage construction projects and a belief that there was a better way to do projects.  We believe there is a way to do projects right and ultimately projects should lead everyone to an improved outcome.  We do this safely, with first class workmanship and deliver a final project of which everyone can be proud.

Since 2014, we have successfully completed the Bipole III Project and the Maritime Link Project (as a subcontractor), and Prime Contractor over thirty substation projects for Manitoba Hydro, New Gold, and SaskPower.  Currently Voltage Power is working as the Prime Contractor on the 500kV Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project for Manitoba Hydro (north section) and the 230kV Peace River Electricity Supply for BC Hydro, as well as several other powerline and substation projects across Canada.

At Voltage Power we are proud of our accomplishments, including:

  • Successfully stringing 500kV conductor on Bipole III, and various work on over 1,000km of powerlines in 3 years from 15kV to 500kV;
  • Hiring and training hundreds of Indigenous members into our crews, averaging over 50% Indigenous workers for powerline construction projects;
  • Developing industry-leading information management systems that allows utility clients real-time access to our crew production, material tracking, and quality data;
  • Attracting innovative field managers and project managers to create an integrated team for each project; and
  • Building trust with utility clients, Indigenous communities, workers, and vendors through collaborative approaches, agile thinking, focused delivery, and successful results.

We are excited to be part of the Canadian Electricity Association and the opportunity to collaborate on many future initiatives to improve the overall industry.



DeFG –

DEFG LLC is a research and advisory firm focused on all aspects of customer strategy and experience in the utility sector.  We help create value in a commodity marketplace for our 50+ utility clients which serve well over 100 million customers in North America.  DEFG’s practice areas and areas of expertise include:

  • Utility customer strategy and operations, including the Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) and our award-winning visualizations of the future customer experience.
  • Transactions and payment strategy, with DEFG LLC being the leading firm in the sector on prepay energy and other smart grid enabled transactions.
  • Low-income, with our focus on improving customer options, experience and service to low-income customers through the Low Income Energy Issues Forum (LIEIF).
  • Customer-facing DSM/ DER programs and technologies, including Solar IQ that combines ongoing research with customer-facing content aligned with the solar customer journey.

DEFG LLC believes that customer is the core to the utility sector’s future!



Aggreko –

Aggreko helps Transmission & Distribution companies provide more reliable power to their customers while operating safer and more efficiently.

We do this by deploying custom-engineered mobile power and distribution systems. Utility companies typically utilize our services to:

  1. Meet reliability targets
  2. Complete planned work without impacting customers
  3. Improve restoration times during unplanned events
  4. Mitigate the risk of possible outages
  5. Work safer by reducing hot work
  6. Improve customer satisfaction
  7. Accelerate capital work plans



Infosys –

On the one hand, your utilities enterprise needs to maintain a smart grid network that provides reliable service. On the other, your consumers expect clean energy, customized service and cost-effective tariff plans. The emergence of distributed generation, battery storage solutions, home automation and IoT, and trading among prosumers is disrupting the traditional energy supply and billing business model. The opportunity before a utility today is to transform into a responsive enterprise – soaking up a growing quantity of data from every source, analyzing it and publishing actionable insights to the right decision-makers. Technology enables a utility to reinvent itself to be a Live Enterprise – learning, adapting, healing, and growing smarter in real-time.

You need to strike a balance by navigating business challenges and opportunities by harnessing digital technologies to ‘Navigate the Future of Energy’.

Infosys helps Utilities Navigate the Future of Energy by Transforming Customer Experience, Modernizing Infrastructure and enabling Future Ready Business models. Our extensive experience in CX transformation programs coupled with IP driven solutions like PACE will help create a differentiated customer experience at minimized cost. Our expertise in infrastructure modernization solutions, combined with advanced technologies like IoT, Edge analytics, AI & ML-based integrated cybersecurity platform help secure your business while enhancing efficiency. We also help your business be future ready by accelerating Innovation and driving growth and we do this by unbundling traditional value chains to reassemble new business models.

Why Infosys should be your innovative partner

Infosys helps utilities enterprise chart their business transformation by harnessing digital technologies. Our digital navigation framework has five focus areas:

  • Experience raises the bar on customer service by capitalizing on mobile and social media.
  • Insight leverages advanced data analytics to undertake preventive asset maintenance.
  • Innovate with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to predict user behavior and forecast demand.
  • Accelerate through DevOps and Agile adoption to implement business-critical projects in a smooth and expedited manner.
  • Assure by safeguarding the digital utility and protecting customer data with cybersecurity policies.

Navigate the Future of Energy by transforming customer experience, modernizing infrastructure and enabling future-ready business models.

Explore how Infosys is helping Utilities navigate towards a digitally connected, sustainable, self-healing and evolving Live Enterprise.