New Corporate Partners
April 2019

CEA is delighted to welcome 2 new Corporate Partners
to the Association as of April 2019.
Our partners represent a diverse range of services and products, each adding
further value to the Corporate Partner Program.




Eaton’s electrical business provides technology driven solution that serve the needs of utility customers.

The need for efficient — and sustainable — power will grow. By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion. This, combined with electrification of the economy, means Eaton must keep pace with the things that people rely on every day. And it’s our job to make sure it all works.

Eaton is a power management company with approximately 96,000 employees that enable Eaton’s products and solutions to support the Electric Utility Industry.  From power generation plants to transmission, and distribution systems, Eaton’s expertise and breadth of solutions make us the ideal partner to help you meet the challenging demands of today’s electrical grid.

In an industry with high regulatory expectations, Eaton products and services (including project management and life-extension solutions) help keep your existing equipment up and running or design a new solution.  Eaton can help automate grid solution to maximize continuity of service, meet the challenges of overhead and underground power distribution and the technical needs of grid modernization.  From the Eaton SMP substation platforms to planning tools such as CYME and an extensive product portfolio of medium voltage standard and arc-resistant switchgear, pad-mounted switchgear, capacitors & controls, reclosers & controls, transformers, regulators & controls, arresters, fuses, cable products as well as Engineering Services and Studies, Eaton has the ability to meet your needs.

Eaton have received widespread recognition for Environmental Stewardship, Ethical Business Practices and our commitment to manufacturing in the geographies that we serve.  Canada is no exception to this with over 1600 employees, 8 electrical assembly plants and 23 sales offices.



McCarthy Tétrault

McCarthy Tétrault is Canada’s premier law firm advising on Canadian and international energy matters.  Our Energy Group has more than 50 lawyers, providing advice to developers, equity investors, lenders, utilities, pipelines, cogen hosts, oil and gas producers, fuel suppliers, equipment suppliers, marketers and major industrial and commercial users, as well as to governments and public agencies in policy and legislative reviews.