New Corporate Partners
February 2019

CEA is delighted to welcome 3 new Corporate Partners
to the Association as of February 2019.
These 3 represent a diverse range of services and products, each adding
further value to the Corporate Partner Program.



Ambor Structures

Ambor Structures is pleased to announce our partnership with the Canadian Electricity Association!  As a vendor supporting the utility industry, we look to organizations like the CEA to improve our products and focus within the Canadian market. We’re honored to be a part of this organization.

Ambor is a global leader in steel structure engineering and manufacturing for the telecom, small wind, utility, and lighting markets. Our mission is simple: Customer Service, On-Time Delivery, and Quality Manufacturing.  With over 20 years of experience around the world, we know that our team has what it takes to be your partner in steel structure manufacturing.  We use only high quality materials, and follow stringent quality control measures, ensuring you’ll be receiving the highest quality of product available in the market.

Ambor Structures is comprised of colleagues committed to premier manufacturing, lasting design and intelligent engineering of steel structures. We firmly believe in partnerships – our success rests in the relationships with have with our clients.  We promise honest communication, our 100% focused effort, and a commitment to treat you as our most important customer.

Stem is the world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage services with over 870 energy storage systems and software platforms installed or under contract across six U.S. States, Ontario, and Japan.

Since its inception in 2009, Stem is the first energy storage company to create AI-driven storage products designed to provide demand charge management and energy arbitrage for commercial and industrial customers, with the first projects entering operations in 2012.

Stem systems now regularly provide customers and utilities with demand charge reduction, time of use bill management, increased PV self-consumption, and distribution deferral services, among the 13 energy and grid services capable of storage as described by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Entering 2019, Stem is expanding its business strategies with its AI platform, Athena, capable of providing additional power quality and backup power services for the uninterruptible power supply market and solar + storage markets. Stem energy storage systems are also capable of offering additional voltage control and frequency regulation where Federal and state/provincial regulators finalize local market rules for storage’s role in those grid services.

With over $600 million of secured project financing, including $200 million by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and a project development partnership with Ontario Power Generation, Stem is able to consistently deliver project cost and schedule certainty.



Kleinschmidt –

For more than 50 years, Kleinschmidt has provided engineering, permitting, and environmental consulting services to energy companies and government agencies across North America. Kleinschmidt offers practical solutions to complex problems affecting energy, water, and the environment. We are an employee-owned company with more than 140 employees, offering a depth of experience typically found in large organizations; all while retaining the personal attention that characterize smaller firms.

We specialize in aspects of waterpower facilities, including:

  • Dam and Spillway Engineering
  • Dam Safety Reviews
  • Powerhouse Rehabilitations
  • Penstock Inspections and Design
  • Fisheries Studies and Fish Passage Design

A recent example of Kleinschmidt’s work was the design of a state-of-the-art downstream fish passage system in New Brunswick that can be used to trap fish and transport them downstream past three large dams. We provided a review of downstream passage alternatives and survival studies for Atlantic salmon smolt, conducted bathymetry and velocity measurements, engineering design, and construction support. The project included a new floating fish guidance boom; the replacement of an existing spillway gate; a new adjustable fish collection screen; and a new catch pool and fish transport pipe leading to a sorting and transport facility. With these new systems in place, fisheries resource agencies now have various options for managing the downstream movement of Atlantic salmon through the watershed.

We have offices in Peterborough, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well as nine office locations throughout the United States. Our Canadian staff allows for local project management and technical execution, with support, as necessary, from staff in the United States. We are actively engaged in expanding our engineering services and other capabilities in Canada. We look forward to an active corporate partnership with the Canadian Electricity Association in 2019 and beyond.



Chartwell –

Chartwell is a specialized research and information provider exclusively focused on the utility industry for over 25 years.  Chartwell keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest benchmarks, trends and best practices in customer care, billing and payment, customer experience, marketing, and outage communications. We synthesize our research into research papers, case studies, infographics, and webinars available to Chartwell’s Premier Members and also offer utility-only Leadership Councils which offer collaboration and problem-solving forums focused on three critical areas: Billing and Payment, Customer Experience, and Outage Communications.

Additionally, Chartwell offers benchmarking services for industry associations and in 2018, Chartwell was named administrator for AGA & EEI’s annual DataSource Customer Service benchmarking survey.

Chartwell hosts two major annual industry conferences, the Outage Communications Conference, and EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference, to give utility professionals the opportunity to collaborate, network, and share new ideas with one another while also connecting them with service providers that can help improve operations.

Chartwell’s prestigious “Best Practices Awards” recognize excellence and innovation among electric and gas utilities with respect to projects, programs and service initiatives.

For membership information, please contact:
Tim Herrick
404.237.9099 ext. 229