New Corporate Partners September 2020

Kaihen –

Kaihen Inc. (Kaihen) is a Canadian consulting firm based in Ontario that helps electric, water & gas utilities, home services companies, energy retailers and municipalities prepare for the kinds of fundamental business changes that improve operations and customer service.  Our name (pronounced ‘KY-hen’) means change, innovation, and transformation. It embodies everything we do for our clients.

Our core competency is Business Readiness – ensuring that our clients’ people, processes and systems are well-prepared to adopt the change we help to implement, and fully achieve the benefits expected from the new system and processes.  We do so by managing projects, designing, and improving business processes, training users, solution testing, and implementing powerful change management initiatives.

Kaihen applies its unique business readiness approach to five business categories that align to the functions of our clients’ businesses. They are: Customer Operations, Smart Metering, Outage Management, Utility Data & Analytics, and Asset & Work Management.

Whether a utility is implementing a new Customer Information System, a Smart Grid strategy or integrating a new acquisition, Kaihen’s business readiness approach will achieve the successful transformation of our client’s people, processes, and systems. This approach is designed to minimize operational costs, improve customer service, mitigate regulatory and financial risk, ensure successful technology implementations, and optimize employee effectiveness. Kaihen’s business readiness services span a wide range of advisory offerings from Assessment and Planning through to Implementation.

Kaihen provides unbiased counsel on the right systems to address our clients’ needs. We help assess, select, and implement systems that deliver an accurate view into essential customer information including billing, metering, customer service, credit, payment, and collections. Armed with this information, our clients can effectively deliver on customer service promises and make informed business decisions.




Beamex –

Beamex was established in 1975 by instrument technicians Eero, Krister, Veijo and Nils-Erik out of frustration to the then existing process calibrators. “Let’s develop calibrators that better serve users’ needs,” they thought. So the idea of “a better way to calibrate” was born.

One of the world’s leading providers of calibration solutions. Beamex develops, manufactures and markets high-quality calibration equipment, software, systems and services for the calibration and maintenance of process instruments.

Our business revolves around everything “calibration”. Since technology continues to rapidly progress, companies need to be more efficient with less resources. At the same time, new regulations put constant pressure on manufacturing operations to maintain a high level of plant safety and product quality. With these in mind, we are here to help our customers to find a better way.

With more than 12000 customers, worldwide, from a wide range of industries, such as aviation, contractor engineering, food and beverage, manufacturing, marine, metal, nuclear, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, pharmaceutical and power and energy, Beamex has been involved in hundreds of calibration system implementation projects, so we don’t just provide the tools for calibration, we help companies evaluate their current calibration processes and assist them in implementing new ones.

When asked about where we are going, the answer is very clear across the whole organization: Our focus is to use technical insight to develop products and services that improve our customers’ calibration processes. Whether it is the user experience from a single product or the way that all our products and services interrelate to each other and other systems, it’s all about providing a better process for performing and managing calibrations.

Beamex Calibration Solutions, Ltd., in Canada, is the newest fully owned subsidiary in the Beamex Group of Companies. Our goal is to continue to build stronger relationships with our existing Beamex customers in Canada, whilst establishing a new presence and strengthening our brand awareness.

For more information about our solutions and our company, please visit us @