New Corporate Partners October 2019

ASAsoft (Canada) Inc –

ASAsoft (Canada) Inc (ASA), a Canadian company, is developing cutting-edge solutions for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D). ASA develops and manufactures products that seamlessly complement the existing electric infrastructure for utility, railways, and metropolitan transportation companies. ASA’s 2.0 silicone polymer insulators are lightweight, and they reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75%. The polymer is tested to withstand to -80 deg C and retain hydrophobicity after exposure to various de-icing salts and provide substantial savings in transportation, storage, installation, and reducing line maintenance and insulator replacement costs up to 50%.

ASA is proud to offer KortickASA Armorgalv® AG3000 thermal diffusion galvanizing (TDG) option to all the metal parts of the insulator that eliminates thread chasing due to uniform coating. TDG is a process that diffuses our proprietary zinc solution onto steel to form a durable iron, zinc alloy, Armorgalv® TDG has superior corrosion performance than standard hot dip galvanizing comparable to 316 Stainless Steel, as tested in the dead sea. The process combines superior protection with an environmentally friendly process with net zero emissions. Armorgalv® TDG adheres to ASTM A1059 & AG3000. TDG won the 2006 EPA award for “Most Valuable Pollution Prevention.” (MVP2).

Marketed under the trade name KortickASA Ligh+weight Insulators, our insulator is a positive addition to any present and future clean renewable energy solutions. ASA’s insulator does not come with a steep increase in cost but competes with traditional technologies. In addition, the insulator material has a self-cleaning property based on molecular migration and decreasing power outages.

ASAsoft’s technology has been successfully used in manufacturing over two million units ranging from 11kV to 400kV for T&D and 25kV applications for railways as alternatives to traditional designs. Our progressive technology is field tested in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Congo, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Jordan, Libya, Kenya, Nigeria, Oman, South Africa, Uganda, United States of America (USA) and Zambia.