New Corporate Partner February 2020

Lexop –

Lexop helps utility companies remove friction from collections. Our non-intrusive SaaS solution allows in-house teams to seamlessly collect on past-due accounts.

In short, Lexop integrates with your payment gateway, automates outreach for a limitless number of accounts, and makes paying and collecting an outstanding balance as painless as possible.

We believe giving customers the autonomy to choose when and how to pay their outstanding balance is key. We’ve realized consumers want flexibility, and companies that put customers first are rewarded with higher self-cure rates and better retention.

Our platform puts customer experience at the forefront. It offers smooth and flexible self-service payments to tens of thousands of past-due customers – every day. For a glimpse of our results, check out our Videotron case study at

Lexop is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For any questions, feel free to contact our CEO, Amir Tajkarimi at 514-262-6771.