New Corporate Partners August 2020

Powell –

Powell was founded in 1947 in Houston, Texas. The company has grown over the past seven decades to become the strategic supplier of choice for highly complex and integrated systems for distribution and control of electrical energy and other critical processes.

Powell is the technology leader in North America for Arc-Resistant Air-Insulated Switchgear solutions. Our main customer base is in Electrical Utilities and Oil & Gas where the common need is in obtaining equipment of the highest QUALITY, and of the highest levels of SAFETY often even surpassing the industry definitions in relevant ANSI/IEEE standards.  Powell’s reputation as a premier switchgear supplier is strongly axed on these two critical elements.

As a global manufacturer, we utilize our Core Values: Customer First, Respect for our Employees, Continuous Improvement, and “Can-Do” Attitude, to solve our customers’ toughest problems. At Powell, we believe in being a partner to our customers by providing innovative engineered electrical power solutions and services. Our offerings include: Medium & Low Voltage electrical distribution packages (Switchgear, MCCs, E-Houses, etc.), electrical and valve servicing, and a wide number of automation systems to increase the overall safety of your system.

Powell is driven by safety. With our custom-engineered solutions, we provide a safer working environment for our customers who must operate and maintain the equipment we provide. With our product development efforts, we push the envelope of what is possible. Powell is an innovator and industry leader in bringing safety-related features to our customers. This has been true for virtually the entire period of our seventy years of operation. At Powell, we know and understand the concerns of engineers, operators, maintenance technicians, employees, and suppliers.

Powell Canada’s solutions are designed and built in Canada, for Canada.  Powell has invested millions of dollars in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 facility in Acheson, AB to serve our Canadian customers. Designed and manufactured by Canadians for Canadians.

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ComplyTec –

For more than two decades, ComplyTec has helped Enterprises protect themselves from financial risk associated with cyber-attacks and compliance failures.

Our company is committed to helping organizations maintain reliable operations, meet regulatory requirements and harness technology to attain operational excellence. Servicing critical sectors such as utilities, banking, insurance, government, and healthcare, ComplyTec strives to ensure business and security leaders understand what technology solutions are available to deter security breach incidents which can have a devastating impact in terms of business continuity, intellectual property, data exfiltration and reputational damage.

Recognizing a specific need in the utility sector for NERC compliance automation, we’ve built a solution that captures and reports on all activities relevant to NERC regulations using a custom-built an application that can help tie the events to appropriate requirements, reporting entities, locations, and documentation. The solution uses the NERC reliability compliance framework of standards and requirements as the foundation.

Built on the RSA Archer platform, the ComplyTec NERC Compliance Management Solution is customized and tailored for NERC compliance staff, making it easy to use while decreasing training time and increasing user adoption. All labels, fields, reliability standards titles, and workflows are tailored to leverage NERC terminology. It facilitates the automation of internal processes and allows users to share NERC source data, resulting in

cross-functional collaboration and full end-to-end accountability for NERC reliability. Customizable dashboards provide Senior Management with best in class, enterprise-wide compliance oversight.

Learn about our Solution – Watch this 2-minute video.