Technology Solutions in the Grid Modernization Journey for Electric Utilities

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The future of electrical utilities is carbon neutrality. This means replacing non-renewable centralized generation sources with renewable distributed generation sources across the electrical grid. Many states in North America have already defined aggressive goals of carbon-free electricity for the next few decades. This requires an overhaul in our approach on how we plan and engineer the grid for long term as well operate it in real-time. This demands new systems with capabilities to plan and operate an electrical grid powered by distributed generation. **Infosys will conduct this webinar along with Southern California Edison (5 million plus customers based out of Southern California) and co-speak with them.

Host: David McKendry, Senior Fellow, Canadian Electricity Association

Presenting Corporate Partner: Infosys Limited

Presenters: Michael Schulte, Principal Manager, IT Grid Modernization at Southern California Edison, Sobha Tenneti, Data & System Integration at Southern California Edison, Rajarshi Chatterjee , Senior Business Consultant, Utilities at Infosys

If you have any questions, please contact David McKendry at