EUCI – Performance Based Ratemaking

The way we generate, distribute, consume, and pay for power today has been slowly evolving over the past decades. Customers are generating some of their own power, advanced metering structures allow for more sophisticated rate design, and large industrial—and even some residential customers—are able to actively adjust their demand in reaction to price signals and peak events. In this evolving energy landscape, new regulatory models need to be innovative, nimble and responsive to the challenges and opportunities presented by shifts in the industry. A major part of this transformation is the recovery of basic infrastructure costs.

Utilities must look for ways to recover sufficient revenues to provide a reasonable return for shareholders. States are looking at alternative ratemaking approaches, including performance-based ratemaking (PBR), to encourage consideration of third-party options, reduce frequency of rate cases, and decouple cost considerations from load changes. Join us for this PBR course where you’ll learn the principles of sound ratemaking and regulatory objectives, the history of PBR, types of PBR, Elements of a successful PBR Mechanism and more.

As Canadian Electricity Association members (Corporate Utility and Associates), to enroll please contact the EUCI and let them know of your utilities role with CEA. You may contact he EUCI @ 303-770-8800

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