EUCI – An Introduction to Electric Utility Systems

This seminar is targeted toward increasing the knowledge of non-technical staff who work or have an interest in the electric utility industry. Participants who are not familiar with utilities and electric power systems can significantly benefit from attending. Since this is a basic seminar, a prior background in electric utility systems or engineering is not expected or required.
The seminar discusses basic concepts ranging from “what is electricity?” to the functions of the major components in electric power systems. The attendee will learn how generation, substations, transmission and distribution function together to provide a reliable energy supply chain. The seminar identifies opportunities, challenges and uncertainties facing the electric utility industry resulting from a paradigm shift driven by customers, technology, legislation and regulation.

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As Canadian Electricity Association members (Corporate Utility and Associates), to enroll please contact the EUCI and let them know of your utilities role with CEA. You may contact he EUCI @ 303-770-8800

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