EUCI – Utilizing Drones for the Canadian Energy Market

As Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) usage in Canada becomes more widespread and regulatory considerations evolve, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay up-to-date on the drones industry, particularly as it relates to energy. This conference gathers industry experts to discuss all the important topics relevant to RPAS for the Canadian market. Experts will explain a comprehensive overview of RPAS for the energy industry. Transport Canada will address the new drone regulations, taking effect June 1, 2019. Ontario Power Generation will describe the evolution of an RPAS program from a nuclear perspective, from proof of concept to operational alignment with new regulations. A hydropower expert with decades of experience with FERC will discuss drone inspection for hydropower projects.  NASA will provide a case study for power line inspection work. Enbridge Natural Gas Distribution will participate in the Hot Topics Q&A panel. National Research Council Canada will discuss considerations for companies with projects in both the US and Canada. Mohawk University’s drone expert will provide cutting-edge information regarding the latest RPAS technology. Ontario Power Generation will provide a case study regarding RPAS innovations in radiation detection and harsh environment inspections, and Sharper Shape will describe how to automate the RPAS data lifecycle.

Our drone events are truly one of a kind. Don’t miss the chance to meet with industry experts and have all your questions answered!

Learning Highlights Include:

  • A comprehensive overview of RPAS for the energy industry
  • Discuss the new Transport Canada Drones regulations
  • Describe the evolution of UAV program from a nuclear perspective with new regulations
  • Explain RPAS for hydropower projects
  • Address NASA’s UAV power line inspection work
  • RPAS hot topics panel, with panelists from Ontario Power Generation, Enbridge Natural Gas, and GE
  • Describe RPAS innovations in radiation detection and harsh environment inspections

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