EUCI – Digital Grid Innovation Conference

Power grids across the country are moving from old systems of centralized power generating entities to complex multi-directional grids that include millions of diverse power sources. Renewables, microgrids, and even electric vehicles all demand that utilities adopt new ways of operating.  This new reality of distributed generation brings challenges to utilities looking to provide reliable service on resilient grids. Fortunately, as generation becomes more distributed, new tools arise to help monitor supply, demand, and asset health. Internet of Things allows for second by second monitoring, while big data provides tools for targeted decision making that allows for more efficient operations.  While solutions abound, implementation can be challenging due to the complexity of companies’ internal structure and the grid itself.

EUCI’s Digital Grid Innovation Conference provides an overview of the challenges utilities face in maintaining a reliable and resilient multi-directional grid. It is also a forum for analytics and operations professionals to engage in a direct dialog to understand what opportunities are being created by technological advances to improve operations and maintenance on grid infrastructure.

NOTE: The early bird rate for this event ends Friday, January 4th, be sure to register by this date to receive the Early Bird rate.

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