Cybersecurity in Substations

The frequency and intensity of cyber-attacks targeting the power grid have increased since the first confirmed blackout caused by hackers in the Ukraine in 2016. Substations represent a critical attack vector within the power grid. Commonly located in remote locations, unmanned, and visited infrequently by a transient workforce increasingly comprised of contractors the substation LAN presents unique challenges not found in traditional IT or OT networks. Gateways and firewalls located at the substation LAN perimeter, cannot prevent the transmission of unauthorized network traffic within the cyber defense perimeter. This paper presents a new approach to intrusion detection within IEC 61850 substation.

Host: Faran Mirza, Manager, Corporate Partners Program and Sponsorships

Presenting Corporate Partner: OMICRON

Presenter: Steel McCreery, Utility Communications Application Engineer, OMICRON electronics

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