Wondering how to structure a digital transformation platform to match your customer engagement strategy? Thinking how your utility should structure its enterprise digital architecture for omnichannel customer engagement? Instead of large multi-year projects and monolithic systems, utilities are looking to adapt architectures and platforms that allow for incremental change with less disruption. What technical and […]

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the most significant legal and constitutional milestones relating to the recognition and evolution of Indigenous rights, title and treaty rights in Canada. The presenters will trace certain key developments in Indigenous rights from the Royal Proclamation of 1763 to the present, including historic and modern treaties, […]

ContactPoint 360 Subject Matter Experts will discuss how AI-based speech analytics & data mining tools are being used to help companies access and analyze up to 100% agent/customer interactions. Traditional Quality assurance models are time-consuming, expensive, and on average, only assess 6-10 calls per agent per month. This has been a standard in the contact […]

Digital substations are gaining a lot of momentum among electrical utilities around the world. The use of digital interfaces and communication offer an improvement in the reliability and resiliency of substations. IEC 61850 based communication is one of the enablers for this technology. During this webinar, the many drivers for the growing interest on digital […]

As utilities to continue to demonstrate increased demand for resilient, grid hardening infrastructure, one challenge is the selection of a true wood-equivalent composite pole as many are under the misconception that composite poles deflect more than wood poles. Drawing on references from the recently published second edition of the ASCE MoP 104 on FRP composite […]

Severe weather risk to energy assets and operations is evolving with the changing climate. To respond effectively to this challenge, utilities must rely on similarly evolved information and tools to support decision making for both operations and planning. In this webinar, Jonas Roberts, who leads Wood’s Met-Ocean and Digital Environment Solutions team, will give an […]

The webinar will help utility leadership understand the considerations an industrial customer must undertake when planning to transition their vehicle fleet to electric. Their assessment must focus on technology, engagement with the electric utility, duty cycle analysis, green and backup power assessment, facility modifications, operational and maintenance changes, change management for personnel, cost estimation, capital […]

  As part of their Smart Grid initiatives, utilities have been deploying large numbers of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) to implement advanced automation systems. However, they are discovering the high cost of maintaining these devices. Originally considered as essentially capital intensive, projects in the electrical sector have seen increasing operational costs as utilities are faced […]

Organizations continue to move to the cloud. The reasons are many but most commonly is to offload the burden of supporting those feature rich yet commodity applications so your employees can stay focused on propelling your business. Regardless, the cloud is not inherently secure! Historically, legacy systems had their computer rooms with a security strategy […]