Recent months have posed unprecedented challenges for many companies around the world. The number of past-due customers increases while the availability of agents is compromised. This unique situation accentuates the need for rapid adaptations. In this webinar, we will present results from our country-wide research on the repayment experiences and preferences of Canadians. We will […]

Today more than ever, Transmission & Distribution Utilities across North America are working towards finding innovative tools in delivering power reliably, enhance customer satisfaction, and retaining existing customers. However, there’s a need to bring more flexibility into their existing pool of resources due system complexities such as aging infrastructure, remote communities and radial feeders in […]

  Covid-19 is putting pressure on call centers in Utilities, with customer questions regarding service requests, outages and most importantly bill payment concerns. Many utilities are struggling with call center work from home options, and have limited capabilities to service customers through digital channels. In this webinar, IBM will share how utilities can alleviate this […]

As the November 3rd U.S. Presidential Election is fast-approaching, conversations around the impacts of its potential outcomes become more and more imperative. Those impacts will extend far beyond U.S. borders and will have lasting effects on Canadians, specifically the Canada-U.S. electricity trade and integration relationship. Our panel of experts from CEA’s U.S. legal counsel — global […]

Information session on the Ontario Mutual Assistance Group pilot program. This event is open to electricity utilities located in Ontario. For more information, please contact Joelle Lancaster at

“The energy system is currently undergoing many changes today from decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. The energy transition is challenging and might lead to consumer prices increases and lower profits for utilities. Siemens is going one step further by working with our utility partners to provide the Energy System Platform of the future. The Key benefits […]

“In the year 2020, customers don’t just want innovation—they expect it. Start by upgrading your payment processes with the innovative communication channels your customers are already using. Find out how introducing Amazon Alexa, Google Home, text message, and chatbots into your payment mix can take your customer payments to the next level. In this webinar, […]

“Major utilities are spending more than ever on their transmission and distribution systems, largely driven by capital expenditures to replace aging infrastructure. Capital investment projects in today’s power industry must address regulatory uncertainty and increasing customer expectations. By turning capital projects into a functional strength, utilities can benefit from more reliable assets, greater customer satisfaction, […]

ContactPoint 360 Subject Matter Experts will discuss how AI-based speech analytics & data mining tools are being used to help companies access and analyze up to 100% agent/customer interactions. Traditional Quality assurance models are time-consuming, expensive, and on average, only assess 6-10 calls per agent per month. This has been a standard in the contact […]