Attention Utility EV Leads! If you have responsibility for EV development – EVCx Forum is for you! EVCx Forum is where utility EV leads are gathering to network, learn and share EV success strategies. Already utility representatives serving over 80M end use electricity consumers across North America have registered! Host: CS Week – Dave McKendry – […]

Copper naphthenate is the leading replacement for pentachlorophenol. As a heavy-duty oil-borne wood preservative with a great environmental profile, copper naphthenate is the best pentachlorophenol replacement for wood utility pole preservation and has been used as a successful wood pole preservative in the United States for decades. If Canada’s PMRA doesn’t act quickly to align […]

Canada’s largest annual maintenance and physical asset management conference exhibition and networking event, MainTrain gathers leading experts, practitioners and professionals from across Canada and around the world to share their insights and strategies that support professionals and their organizations. We look forward to seeing you online. To learn more about Maintrain visit here. For any […]