Taking Action on Climate Change – An Electricity Sector Perspective

At last year’s COP21 Climate Conference, Prime Minister Trudeau, together with the Premiers, renewed Canada’s commitment to addressing climate change.

“We view climate change not just as the challenge it is but also as an historic opportunity to build a sustainable economy based on clean technology, green infrastructure, and green jobs,” he said. “We will not sacrifice growth. We will create growth.”

Canada’s electricity sector is aligned with this approach. We are clean technology; we are green infrastructure; and we are green jobs. Investment in Canada’s electricity system is an investment in sustainable growth. In short, we are a key enabler of Canada’s climate change aspirations.

With a generating mix already 81% non-greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting, our country’s electricity sector gives Canada a head start over all but a handful of countries. It is the one sector in Canada to achieve significant emissions reductions since 2005 (about 30%). It will likely achieve the same again by 2030, while cutting emissions in other sectors via electrification. Past, present and future – electricity is Canada’s clean energy solution.

Electricity is also a critical and strategic enabler of modern life. It is, in a word, indispensable. A safe, reliable, affordable supply of electricity is essential to Canada’s economic and social prosperity and to the quality of life Canadians expect. This core mandate must be protected as Canada knits together its climate change strategy.