CEA’s first ever virtual State of the Canadian Electricity Industry.

This year’s presentation will be hosted by Francis Bradley, President and CEO of CEA and feature conversations with members of our Board of Directors including:

  • Bryce Conrad (President and CEO at Hydro Ottawa)
  • Keith Cronkhite (President and CEO at New Brunswick Power)
  • Peter Gregg (President and CEO at Nova Scotia Power)
  • Jay Grewal (President and CEO at Manitoba Hydro) – Josée Guibord (Chief Executive Officer at Evolugen)
  • Scott Thon (President and CEO at Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada)

As well as the CEA leadership team and a special guest including:

  • Michelle Branigan (Chief Executive Officer at Electricity HR)
  • Leah Michalopulos (Director of Government Relations at CEA) – Diana Dominique (Director of Customer Council at CEA)
  • Channa Perera (Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Best Practices at CEA)
  • Julia Muggeridge (Vice President of Communications at CEA)
  • Michael Powell (Vice President of Government Relations at CEA)

These rapid-fire conversations will provide insights into lessons learned last year and a look ahead to industry priorities in 2021.

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Thank you to our sponsors Oracle Utilities and Electricity HR who helped make this event a success!

Oracle: https://www.oracle.com/industries/utilities/

Electricity HR: https://electricityhr.ca/