Advancing Women in Skilled Trades Best Practices Document

In 2019, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) Distribution Council (D-Council) identified equity, diversity and inclusion, and specifically, the increased representation of female-identified skilled trade workers as a priority focus area. Over the course of the following year, a series of discussions were held to share specific practices, programs, and policies that promoted gender equity, diversity and inclusion within the skilled trades at CEA member companies.

As with other industries, it is acknowledged that the electricity sector has much work ahead. But the council also uncovered significant ambition on the part of its members, including various best practices for promoting gender inclusion that could be shared. This guidance document represents an effort aimed at codifying practices, programs, and policies currently in place at CEA member utilities. It was developed in collaboration with CEA’s Human Resources Committee and is intended to establish baseline recommendations for members as they journey towards gender diversity and inclusion in skilled trades staff. 

Indeed, this guidance is only a starting point, and we recognize that the sector will need to continue to advance efforts in support of gender diversity and inclusion. Nonetheless, this serves as a pragmatic resource to benefit CEA members’ efforts in this area, and is recognized as but one piece of what will be a larger body of work as CEA moves forward on its 2020 association-wide commitment to advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.