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Overview: The Canadian Electricity Association will be presenting the 2020 State of the Canadian Electricity Industry. Emphasizing the pace and scope of transformation in the electricity sector, the recommendations within the report will guide CEA’s thought leadership and advocacy in the year ahead. CEA will highlight specific recommendations within the following topics: Innovating for a […]

Michael Powell, Director, Government Relations provides an update of the 2019 Federal Budget and highlights that affects the electricity sector. Overview of topics to be discussed: The Federal Budget Watch Now

Chief Operations Officer Francis Bradley and the authors of the report will discuss the high-level themes of 2019 and take questions from participants on the state of the industry. This one-hour conversation will begin with a 30-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of question and answer. Overview of topics to be discussed: Competitiveness, Investment and […]

On February 28th at 3pm EST, CEA hosted “Understanding Blockchain and the Impacts on Utilities”. This is beyond “Blockchain 101” and requires a basic understanding of Blockchain to gain full value out of the session. Janine Moir and Vikas Singla will guide us through the session. Janine has previously presented Blockchain 101 to the CEA’s […]