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CEA represents every facet of the electricity industry in Canada with unwavering commitment to informed decision-making and balanced policy proposals.

Ottawa, ON – CEA president and CEO Sergio Marchi spoke at a board meeting of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), an international regulatory authority that works to assure the security, reliability and stability of the highly integrated North American power grid.

Discussion paper on the benefits and costs of Canadian climate action. Intended to inform the national conversation and help build a balanced and long-term consensus on Canada’s climate and clean energy strategy.

Taking action on climate change is a critical challenge for our industry, our country, and our global community. Tomorrow’s economy will be built on a solid foundation of clean, sustainable growth. Here Canada has a significant advantage: namely, access to abundant, clean and reliable power.

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) thanks the House Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure, and Communities for the invitation to provide our views regarding the establishment of a Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB). We value this opportunity, and hope that our proposals will be helpful to your deliberations.

Ottawa, ON — Reliable electricity has become indispensable to a competitive economy and a high quality of life. However, many of our infrastructure assets are reaching the end of their lifecycle.

Vancouver, BC — We are in a global march towards a cleaner, greener future, and the Paris Agreement represents a significant step in that journey.

Regina, SK — Clean energy is the future and electricity is Canada’s clean energy solution.

Ottawa, ON — First, it is clear that our globe is marching towards a cleaner, greener future. Clean energy is the only option going forward. The alternative is being left behind.