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CEA represents every facet of the electricity industry in Canada with unwavering commitment to informed decision-making and balanced policy proposals.

Members of the Board of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) were in Washington, D.C. from April 10 to 13, 2018, to meet with representatives of the White House, members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the Canadian Ambassador, as well as prominent thought-leaders, think tanks and U.S. energy associations. The trip was part […]

The Honourable Sergio Marchi, CEA’s President & CEO, joined a discussion panel at the annual conference of Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta (IPPSA) on the national and provincial implications of moving towards a low carbon energy mix. He delivered attached opening remarks at the start of the discussion, highlighting the issue of competitiveness in […]

CEA’s Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Guide is purpose-built to encourage and facilitate important discussions about the electricity industry’s commitment to environmental performance and conservation as it specifically relates to minimizing its impact on migratory birds, their nests and eggs during activities associated with electricity projects. “Our members safely, reliably and securely deliver electricity to Canadian […]

CEA’s President and CEO Sergio Marchi led a discussion panel at GLOBE Forum 2018, on how industry, regulators and consumers will shape Canadian electricity markets in the 21st century. In his opening remarks, Mr. Marchi highlighted four key pillars of future markets – Innovation, infrastructure investments, regulatory regimes that facilitate clean growth, and finally public engagement.

The Honourable Sergio Marchi, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association, delivered a keynote speech at the Mexican Society of Civil Engineers’ annual conference. Mr. Marchi discussed the strength of Canada Mexico partnership and the integral role of energy infrastructure in free trade, and called for a vision that would move us from a […]

CEA’s President and CEO Sergio Marchi joined a discussion panel on NAFTA at an event in Washington, DC, that hosted by WIRES, an international non-profit trade association. Attached are introductory remarks he delivered at the start of panel, calling for a North American energy strategy, with or without NAFTA.

The President and CEO of CEA Sergio Marchi joined a discussion panel on energy trade in North America at an event in Ottawa hosted by Energy Council of Canada. In his introductory remarks, which are attached, Sergio outlined the electricity sector’s priorities for the NAFTA negotiations and how to strengthen and modernize the trade agreement. […]

The following document contains data and information about CEA and the Canadian Electricity Industry. The data is derived from 3rd party sources (i.e., World Bank, StatsCan, IEA, Environment Canada) and has been visualized by CEA.

Washington – Introductory remarks by the Honourable Sergio Marchi, President and CEO of CEA, ahead of Washington International Trade Association (WITA) panel discussion on Energy and the North American Free Trade Agreement.