Partnering with Aboriginal Communities

CEA and its members are committed to engaging with the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada to advance the following goals:

  • Nurture meaningful long-term relationships
  • Enhance mutually beneficial economic relationships and business opportunities
  • Further consider Aboriginal perspectives in the activities of CEA and its members

National principles for engagement of Aboriginal Peoples

CEA and its members will adhere to the following principles to build more positive, mutually beneficial relationships with the Aboriginal communities in which they operate.

These principles are intended to further complement and support the existing relationships between Aboriginal Peoples and CEA Members.

Respect Aboriginal culture, traditional values, and rights

Respect the culture of all Aboriginal Peoples, their interests, values, practices, beliefs, traditional knowledge, and Aboriginal and Treaty rights recognized and affirmed under the 1982 Constitution Act.

Nurture constructive relationships

Seek to establish and nurture constructive long-term relationships with Aboriginal Peoples based on mutual respect, trust, collaboration, and accountability.

Enhance communications

Promote fair, timely, transparent, reciprocal, and meaningful communications with Aboriginal Peoples.

Foster Aboriginal capacity building

Work collaboratively to support programs and initiatives such as education, mentorship, skills training, and employment.

Promote economic prosperity

Foster mutually beneficial business arrangements that provide benefits to the sector while promoting the economic prosperity and social well-being of Aboriginal Peoples.

Facilitate Crown consultation

CEA and its members will engage with Aboriginal Peoples, as appropriate, to facilitate consultation in a meaningful and timely manner.