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An Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Collecting Climate Change Data

With Yukon Energy (YEC) generating 97 percent or more of all its electricity with hydro, it’s critical that the corporation be ready for any future changes in the watersheds that feed its facilities. With that in mind, YEC is partnering with the Northern Climate ExChange (NCE) at Yukon College and the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), a graduate school of the University of Quebec’s network, on a significant multi-year climate change study.

Colville Lake Hybrid Solar/Battery/Diesel Generation

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) partnered to construct a one of a kind solar/battery/diesel hybrid system in Colville Lake. The hybrid system, which was officially opened in May 2016, replaced a conventional diesel power plant that had been installed in 1990.

The Shepard Energy Centre

Long before provincial targets were set to phase out coal, ENMAX began laying the groundwork for a cleaner energy future with the development of the Shepard Energy Centre, Alberta’s largest natural gas-fueled power facility. Since 2015, Shepard has been providing reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible electricity – up to 860 MW per day – enough to meet almost half of Calgary’s needs.

District Energy Centre

This infrastructure is the heart of a thermal network that extends 5,500 metres underground to bring centralized heating to commercial, institutional and residential buildings across downtown.  The pipes carry thermal energy, in the form of hot water, cold water or steam, and deliver it as space heating and domestic hot water, bringing with it greater efficiency and fewer emissions than conventional heating systems.


Hydro-Québec is preparing for the energy and technology transition by setting up different living labs in Québec. One of them, Lac-Mégantic’s new downtown, will use cutting-edge energy solutions. Microgrids are community-centered initiatives undertaken to meet the needs of users. They can be connected to Hydro-Québec’s main grid or function independently.

Next-Generation Seismic Analysis of Concrete Dams

Assessing the seismic risk for a dam is a complex problem, from characterizing the seismic hazard to predicting the performance of the dam during an earthquake. From this enormous challenge, BC Hydro has emerged as an internationally-recognized technical leader in the concrete dam analysis field.

World-Leading Reductions at the Genesee Generating Station

In 2018, Capital Power will complete year two of a five-year $50 million program at our Genesee Generating Station located west of Edmonton. The program will improve the efficiency of the three existing power generating units by 11% by 2021 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by roughly one million tonnes.

A Novel Approach to Transfer Trip Communications

Utilities Kingston has developed a novel approach to transfer trip communications that takes place over its fibre optic network and provides highly reliable data connections between components of the distribution system

Brazeau Hydro Pumped Storage

The proposed Brazeau Hydro Pumped Storage will store water for renewable generation in two reservoirs. The project works like a rechargeable battery; storing water for renewable generation when demand is low and generating power when there is demand for it.

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