National Electricity Month

Every June, the Canadian Electricity Association and our members celebrate National Electricity Month, shining a light on the crucial role that electricity plays in powering our work, our lives and our future. Electricity has been—and will continue to be—the great enabler of modern society. From the alarm that wakes people up in the morning, to the traffic lights that guide them to work, electricity is central to our lives and to the efficient functioning of our society.

CEA Kids Talk Electricity

In 2020, we launched a new series: Kids Talk Electricity. Employees of our members across Canada—from powerline technicians to customer service representatives to senior executives—who all play a vital role in keeping the lights on, interviewed kids about electricity and how it works. Get a behind the scenes look at what is going on in the sector and how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed, from the perspective of the next generation of big thinkers in energy – KIDS!

Episode 1 – CEA Kids Talk Electricity with Hydro One

Interview: Eric Hutterer, Regional Line Maintainer, Newmarket Operations Centre, Hydro One

• Brooklyn (7 years old)
• Teagan and Liam (10 and 8 years old)
• Emma (10 years old)

Episode 2 – CEA Kids Talk Electricity with ENMAX

Interview: Jana Mosley, Senior Vice President, Power Delivery, ENMAX

• Dawson (7 years old)
• Emma (10 years old)
• Ryan (6 years old)

Episode 3 – CEA Kids Talk Electricity with Ontario Power Generation

Interview: Dan Gibson, Senior Environmental Scientist, OPG

• Darren (9 years old)
• Noah (6 years old)
• Mattea (6 years old)

Episode 4 – CEA Kids Talk Electricity with Yukon Energy

Interview: Jordan Corbeil, System Control Operator, Yukon Energy

• Paige & Chloe (6 and 8 years old)
• Alice (4 years old)
• Caleb (12 years old)

Episode 5 – CEA Kids Talk Electricity with Hydro Ottawa

Interview: Raed Abdullah, Distribution Engineer, Hydro Ottawa

• Paige & Chloe (6 and 8 years old)
• Marcus (5 years old)
• Luke (8 years old)

National Electricity Month Videos

Enjoy and share videos celebrating the importance of electricity in the lives of Canadians.

Celebrating Saskatchewan

Celebrating Ontario

Celebrating British Columbia

Celebrating Nova Scotia

Celebrating Quebec

Celebrating the Northwest Territories