Support Legislation to implement aNational Lineworker Appreciation Day



A Lineworkers job is not easy!

“They often face life-threatening hazards to get the job done, keep us safe and help maintain and restore the power that is the backbone of our lives. Let’s take a day to acknowledge the sacrifice and risk in the work they do.”

– Sergio Marchi, President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association –

Every day, lineworkers across Canada work to keep electricity flowing into our homes

Lineworkers are the highly trained men and women who work on installing and maintaining the complex hydro grid across cities and provinces. Often faced with working in extreme circumstances, lineworkers are trained to work efficiently, safely and collaboratively to keep the lights on across Canada.

During catastrophic events, Lineworkers must deal with one or more occupational hazards

  • High-voltage contact
  • Working at heights
  • Challenging weather conditions
  • Welding, cutting and burns

Lineworkers play an instrumental role, often the first people on site, working to make the environment safe for volunteers and first responders by assessing electrical hazards and removing any live wires.

Lineworker Videos

Video footage of professional lineworkers training,
competing and working. Enjoy!

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