Buy Reliability and Performance Reports

2016 Forced Outage Performance of Transmission Equipment

Analyzes 9 major components of transmission equipment in Canada, including transmission lines, transformer banks, circuit breakers, and cables. This information may be used for performance analysis, decision-making regarding construction or upgrades, and to focus resources for maintenance programs and system planning.

Price: $1,400.00

2016 Bulk Electricity System: Delivery Point and Significant Power Interruptions

Provides data on delivery point interruptions, described as the interface between the BES and the Distribution System. Use it to determine the quality and performance of utility service with respect to their transmission systems, by performing analysis on momentary and sustained outages on single, and multi circuits.

Price: $800.00

CEA Member Communications Symposium (HST Included)

Join the CEA on October 5th and 6th for a two-day Communications Symposium, a tailored gathering for communications professionals from Canada’s energy sector, and learn about the latest industry specific communications tools and strategies. The symposium is also an excellent opportunity to network with other industry professionals from across the country.

Price: $339.00

2016 Generation Equipment Reliability Report

Contains performance data for over 600 generating units in Canada. The statistics are broken out by fuel type (hydro, thermal, combustion, nuclear) and focus on unit availability and forced outage data, including mean forced outage duration, fail rate, and incapability factor metrics.

Price: $1,400.00

2016 Annual Service Continuity Report on Distribution System Performance in Electrical Utilities

Contains information on system reliability and performance. By using these metrics in combination with the cause of an electricity interruption, utility companies can set targets for improving service reliability, develop programs in support of their improvement targets, and make design/build decisions that try to mitigate interruption causes.

Price: $800.00

Three Phase, Dead-Front Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformers

Price: $100.00

Low-Profile, Single Phase, Dead-Front Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformers

Price: $100.00

Pole Mounted Single Phase Distribution Transformers

Price: $100.00

Covered Overhead Lines Wire

Price: $20.00