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Issue 36 (December 2021)

Return to In-Person “Powering Partnerships Summit” a Huge Success

CEA celebrated a strong return to in-person events with three days of meetings including our Policy Summit and Annual Awards Dinner November 23-25. While ensuring necessary COVID precautions were followed including limiting numbers, mandatory vaccination and masking, CEA was pleased to bring together over 150 CEA members, Corporate Partners, energy stakeholders and CEA Staff for a full day of discussions focused on the very near  future: 2030. The event featured keynote speakers Dr. Michael Webber from the Webber Energy Group and Susannah Pierce from Shell Canada as well as two panels focused on the future of the sector in 2030.  CEA presented the 2021 EV Awards with Plug’n Drive at the dinner reception as well as the Sustainable Electricity Designation which was awarded to Hydro Ottawa.

CEA also formally acknowledged the Occupational Health and Safety Awards, the Sustainable Electricity Awards, the Lifesaver Award winners and the first ever Reliability and Resilience Award.

Other stories

  • CEA Attends COP26
  • Tune in for new Flux Capacitor Episodes
  • The Speech from the Throne
  • Examining Prime Minister Trudeau’s clean, net-zero electrical grid goal for Canada
  • The CEA Conversation Series
  • Transmission Investments Can Pave the Way to a Carbon-Neutral Future in Canada
  • Ontario’s five largest electricity utilities unite to warn of scams this holiday season
  • Lessons learned from a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art distribution automation system upgrade project at California State University Fresno
  • GridEx Tabletop Exercise
  • CEA Welcomes a New Corporate Partner
  • CEA would like to extend a massive thank you to the sponsors of our annual Powering Partnerships Summit 2021
  • DataBytes

Issue 35 (November 2021)

Cabinet of the 44th Parliament

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his post-election cabinet on October 26, 2021. The cabinet has grown incrementally to 39 members—one short of matching the record—and saw substantial changes.

Most departments that CEA interacts with will be working with new Ministers. There was a substantial shakeup in cabinet officials that oversee climate files, with Steven Guilbeault moving to Environment and Climate Change Canada and Jonathan Wilkinson moving to Natural Resources Canada. While most cabinets will have some time to get up to speed on their new files, these two are expected to attend COP 26 which begins next week. CEA expects to be involved with these departments as a Clean Electricity Standard is developed and the Government’s 2035 Net-Zero Electricity Grid commitment is explained.

The House of Commons will return on November 22nd for the Speech from the Throne and speaker selection. In the interim, the Government will announce Parliamentary Secretaries who support Ministers in the House of Commons and Committees. House of Commons committees, including selection of Chairs, will begin in the first weeks after Parliament’s return.

The government will now get back to work as the caretaker convention is lifted. We expect several engagements and consultations to begin in the near term. How these are prioritized will become clearer when mandate letters are released.

For more information please contact Michael Powell.

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  • Electricity Alliance Canada
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 046
  • CEA Joins the Canadian Transportation Alliance
  • CEA Presents: DataBytes
  • CEA Prepares for the 2021 Powering Partnership Summit
  • Putting Utility Customers at the Center of Decarbonization Efforts
  • The Transmission Consultative Committee on Outage Statistics
  • October Supply Chain Committee Meeting
  • Opportunity for Members to Participate in the Low Carbon Business Action (LCBA) Canada

Issue 34 (October 2021)

2021 Canadian Federal Election

On September 20th, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were re-elected, once again having to navigate a minority Parliament. No party was able to make significant gains, despite looking like they had made inroads at some points. As in 2019, the Parliament could be quite stable, offering an opportunity for the Liberals to advance their various priorities, including on climate change and post-pandemic recovery.

The overall election results are a virtual mirror to those of 2019. As before, the Liberals will only need the support of one opposition party to pass any legislation, and all opposition caucuses must vote together to defeat them. On the surface, the NDP will likely be the most obvious partner for the Liberals on most issues.

A re-elected Liberal government will provide some certainty as to what our sector should expect going forward. Of note, the Liberal platform included a commitment to introduce a Clean Electricity Standard (CES) and to have a net-zero electricity grid by 2035. A CES had been in the works for some time—CEA was expecting a discussion paper on its construction to be released prior to the election. The 2035 electricity grid commitment is new but is unsurprising inasmuch as it was also a commitment from the Biden administration.

Defining these commitments will be a major area of focus for CEA. We will emphasize the need for an approach from government that will facilitate the investments needed to build this capacity while ensuring the grid remains reliable and affordable.

Other stories

  • CEA Prepares for the 2021 Powering Partnership Summit
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 045
  • ‘That can keep you up at night’: Lessons for Canada from Europe’s power crisis
  • CEA Presents: DataBytes
  • Data Ownership vs. Data Privacy: A Word of Caution
  • Proactive businesses turning to Specialized Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) companies are yielding exemplary recovery rates
  • Legal Committee Explores Regulatory Reform and Innovation
  • CEA’s Generation Consultative Committee on Outage Statistics Annual Meeting
  • Canada’s net-zero electricity supply, green hydrogen among topics to be discussed at the Canadian Waterpower Week
  • CEA welcomes a new Corporate Partner

Issue 33 (September 2021)

We Are Having a Federal Election

After months of speculation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Governor-General Mary Simon in August to call an election for September 20th.

The Liberals game plan seems to be using their COVID-19 response, particularly the success of the vaccination campaign, to coast to a majority government. Actual campaigns upend this, with the Liberals and Conservatives now neck and neck.

For the electricity sector, there are a number of things to watch as the campaign continues. In particular, we are watching how climate policy is discussed. Even though it has not been a dominant theme thus far, it will inevitably become a more prominent issue as election day approaches. It is the clearest distinction between the Conservatives and Liberals with marked differences between 2030 GHG targets and carbon taxation policies. In either case, it is clear that market and technological forces will be encouraging change no matter what.

Electrification will drive much of Canada’s decarbonization efforts, and the Federal government has projected that Canada will need 2-3 times as much clean power by 2050 to meet current net zero goals. Building this capacity—while also making sure that the system stays affordable and reliable—will require clear, sustained, and focused direction from whoever forms government.

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  • CEA Calls for Support for Clean, Reliable, and Affordable Electricity in 2022 Pre-Budget Consultations
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 042
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 043
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 044
  • Canada-US Electricity Microsite
  • CEA Releases Updated E-Billing Report
  • CEA Powering Partnerships Summit
  • Modernizing the Grid: Adapting to the Use of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • Extending Canada’s Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance Classes: In Time and Scope
  • CEA Presents: DataBytes

Issue 32 (August 2021)

Unpacking Net Zero Commitments on the Flux Capacitor

This Spring, CEA launched a new series on the Flux Capacitor podcast, to shine a light on the role of electricity in the fight against climate change. With the Government of Canada recently passing Bill C-12, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, CEA member companies are stepping up with their own ambitious targets. During the podcast series, Flux Capacitor host Francis Bradley unpacks individual company net zero commitments to understand pathways for achieving set goals and the role of electricity as a solution for climate change. In addition to member company executives, the series also features Mollie Johnson from Natural Resources Canada to better understand the government perspective.

You can listen to the first 5 podcasts in this series now live, with more to come:

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  • 2021 Centre of Excellence Application
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 038
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 039
  • The Flux Capacitor Episode 040
  • New CEA Reliability and Resiliency Award
  • The 2021 Electric Vehicle Awards
  • EVCx Forum
  • Advocacy Success: Woodpecker Regulations Delayed
  • CEA Prepares for the Upcoming Federal Election
  • CEA Presents: DataBytes
  • CEA welcomes a new Corporate Partner
  • Supply Chain Committee Hosts Mini-Meeting
  • COVID-19 Information Sharing
  • #AskALineworker Video

Issue 31 (July 2021)

CEA Celebrates National Lineworker Appreciation Day

Every year, the Canadian Electricity Association and our member companies from coast to coast, recognize National Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10th. Lineworkers are the brave individuals who maintain complex electricity grids across cities, provinces, and territories. Often faced with working in extreme conditions, lineworkers are trained to work efficiently, safely, and collaboratively to keep the lights on.

This is the second year that Canadians have had to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and we give our thanks to those who risk their lives to power the essential services that keep us going.  With the Government of Canada’s goal of reaching net zero by 2050, lineworkers are regularly installing new technologies to modernize our grid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As climate change continues to bring extreme weather conditions causing power outages, lineworkers are among the first responders to serve our communities. Join CEA and electricity companies across Canada on July 10th to recognize these essential workers.

Other stories

  • New Episodes of the Flux Capacitor
  • Newfoundland Power Receives Sustainable Electricity Company Designation from the Canadian Electricity Association
  • The 2021 Electric Vehicle Awards
  • CEA Presents: The Grid 2021
  • New CEA Reliability Award
  • Panel Interview on Advancing Women in Skilled Trades
  • CEA’s Spring Policy Symposium
  • CEA Regulatory Forum
  • Federal Regulatory Roadmap
  • ENMAX and Cadillac Fairview to test network innovation through solar installation
  • Service Continuity Committee Digital Workshop
  • Internal Audit Committee Focuses on Cybersecurity
  • Key Accounts Working Group Meeting
  • CEA’s Customer Council Spring Meeting
  • Canada-US Event & New Cross Border Electricity Pape
  • CEA-EHRC Future of Work Event
  • CEA Supply Chain Committee Meeting
  • CEA Virtual SIPC Meeting

Issue 30 (June 2021)

CEA Presents National Electricity Month

It’s June which means it is National Electricity Month! Every year, the Canadian Electricity Association celebrates access to safe, clean and reliable electricity in Canada by developing a public-focused social campaign.

Spark of Imagination is a cross-country art project featuring paintings from over 80 Canadian youth, aged 6 – 13. This artwork will answer an important question that we ponder every day – what does electricity mean to you? While we appreciate that Canadian kids enjoy toasted bagels, televisions and iPads, we know there is still work to be done. In assigning this homework to kids from coast to coast, we now have some homework ourselves: to continue to educate on the real value of electricity.

These pieces of art will be featured throughout the month of June on social channels and sit permanently in the CEA offices. Please follow along, share and re-post some of the thoughtful artwork from Canadian kids.

Other stories

  • Witness in the Economic Recovery from COVID-19 Study
  • CEA Regulatory Forum
  • New CEA Reliability Award
  • New Episode of the Flux Capacitor
  • OEC Acquires Utility Engineering Firm EMB Management Ltd.
  • Alectra Utilities and Hydro One collaborate to improve reliability in Hamilton
  • Elexicon Energy, Opus One Solutions, and Marshall Homes Design Canada’s First Preplanned Nested ‘Microgrid’ Residential Community
  • Alectra announces plans to be Net-Zero Emissions by 2050
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee Spring Meeting
  • Security Infrastructure and Protection Committee Meeting
  • Legal Committee Cross-Committee Digital Summit
  • Finance Tax and Accounting (FTA) Program Virtual Events
  • CEA Hosts Call Centre Working Group
  • Ontario Home Builder Magazine Interviews CEA’s Director of Emerging Issues

Issue 29 (May 2021)

Federal Budget 2021

On April 19th, the federal government released its first budget in two years. A Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience focuses on continued COVID-19 response, economic recovery, investment in childcare, and a green economy. It also advances several CEA initiatives related to low carbon energy investments, energy efficiency and support for Measurement Canada.

The government has made significant commitments to the electricity sector through support for a grid modernization fund, supporting renewable fuels like hydrogen and biomass, investing in zero emission vehicles charging infrastructure, and creating the Net Zero Accelerator fund. Other notable investments include support to carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) research and development, funding for climate adaptation and grid resiliency, and incentives for clean technology investments.

All of these announcements reinforce the need for a broader federal plan on electricity’s critical role in decarbonization and meeting climate targets. Many of the pieces are here, but how they all fit together remains an important question.

Other stories

  • Maritime Electric Receives Sustainable Electricity Company Designation
  • New Episode of the Flux Capacitor
  • Climate Change and Extreme Weather: A Guide to Adaptation Planning for Electric Companies in Canada
  • CEA Metering Committee Completes “CATCHING UP: Modernizing Canada’s Electricity Marketplace Rules and Regulations to Grow & Decarbonize the Economy” Report
  • CRTC Releases PVNO Decision
  • ENVI Parliamentary Committee Provides EGIA Recommendation
  • Electric Utility CFOs focus on Sustainable Finance
  • Alectra’s Caroline Karvonen named to Canada’s Clean50 Sustainability leaders
  • Saint John Energy’s Ryan Mitchell named to Canada’s Clean50 Sustainability leaders
  • Utilities Feeling the Pressure to Provide Customers with the Latest in Electronic Bill Presentment Solutions
  • The energy grid of the future: The evolution and opportunities of Distributed Energy Software
  • EHRC & CEA Pandemic Roundtable
  • Power Marketers Council Q2 Meeting
  • CEA Welcomes New Corporate Partner
  • CEA Regulatory Forum: “Electricity Regulation & the Four Disruptors – Decarbonization, Decentralization, Digitalization and Democratization”.

Issue 28 (April 2021)

The Electricity Sector shows Resilience in 2020 and looks to Renew in 2021

The 2021 State of the Canadian Electricity Industry was released on March 17th. This year CEA focused largely on the impacts of the pandemic on our sector, the social challenges affecting our industry, the regulatory landscape and the government’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050. This report will be used broadly in CEA conversations with stakeholders throughout 2021. Over 500 registrants tuned in for the release of the 2021 report which premiered on YouTube. With CEA’s CEO Francis Bradley anchoring the conversation, the premiere included a panel with our Board of Directors and interviews with the CEA executive team. If you missed the premiere, the full-length video is still available for viewing.

Other stories

  • CEA Celebrates its 130th Anniversary as an Association
  • The Canadian Electricity Association Launches Guidance on Advancing Women in Skilled Trades
  • CEA Submits Feedback to Canada Water Agency
  • Federal Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit Regulations Published
  • SE Brand Designation Webinar
  • The Canadian Electricity Association Releases Equal by 30 Commitments
  • Episode 032: Keith Sones of Valard on project complexity and building for the future
  • Episode 031: Equity Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices with Joelle Lancaster and Lyla Garzouz‪i
  • Episode 030: Equity Diversity and Inclusion in the Field with Mackenzie Gillan and Allison Woo‪d
  • Episode 029: Equity Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with Starlene MacDonal‪d
  • CEA Welcomes 5 New Corporate Partners
  • CEA Proposes Amendments to Bill C-15 (UNDRIP Implementation)

Issue 27 (March 2021)

Canada’s Net Zero Future

The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices released its report “Canada’s Net Zero Future” in February, which looks at potential pathways to Net Zero for Canada. The report is a robust piece of research that provides clear analysis of where opportunities for Canada are and what steps are needed. In particular, the report makes a distinction between existing and commercially proven technologies (“safe bets”) and emerging ones where more work is needed (“wildcards”). It emphasizes that each need distinct policy responses but are important to pursue with seriousness. “Safe bets” alone allow Canada to reach 2030 climate targets; “wild cards” will be needed for 2050. For the electricity sector, the report highlights the challenges of building out to meet future needs, including with existing regulatory frameworks.

Other stories

  • CEA Comments on the Announcement of the U.S.-Canada Partnership Roadmap
  • Net Zero Advertising Campaign
  • State of the Industry YouTube Premiere
  • CEA Presents: An International Women’s Day Podcast TAKEOVER
  • Kids Talk Electricity: Episode 7
  • Energy Affordability: What lies ahead?
  • CEA Releases New Data Handbook
  • Coffee Talks with Shahrzad Simab
  • CEA’s Customer Council Launches New E-Billing Report
  • SIPC Q1 Meeting
  • CEA Welcomes a New Corporate Partner
  • Opus One Solutions Announces Additions to the Leadership Team: Primed for Global Growth and Scale

Issue 26 (February 2021)

U.S. Electricity Policy Outlook Webinar

For over 100 years, Canada and the United States have shared a robust and mutually beneficial electricity trade and cooperation relationship. CEA looks forward to continuing to work with the electricity and policy community on both sides of the border to help Canada and the United States meet shared climate and economic goals. Together, we will continue to ensure reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy to customers.

On January 28th, CEA was pleased to host a U.S. Electricity Policy Outlook Webinar for members and corporate partners, featuring experts from global law firm Dentons. Panelists discussed the landscape in the U.S. as the new Biden Administration and Congress begin to work on energy and economic policy goals for 2021, including a goal from the Biden Administration to achieve decarbonization of the U.S. electricity sector by 2035.

Key takeaways included on-the-ground insights into the potential energy, climate, trade and security outlooks for 2021, and what they may mean for the Canada-U.S. electricity relationship and members’ business.

Other stories

  • Flux Capacitor Episode 028: Sheryl Riggs, communications and technology for utilities in uncertain times
  • Ready to Respond: The Electricity Sector and Evolving Cyber Threats
  • Powering a nation part one: Where Canada’s electricity comes from
  • CEA Conversation Series Webinar Library
  • CEA Welcomes Four New Corporate Partners
  • Power Marketers Council Q1 Meeting

Issue 25 (January 2021)

CEA Celebrates Electricity Innovation

Every year, the Canadian Electricity Association tells the story of innovation and ingenuity through the Centre of Excellence (CoE). CoE highlights the transformational progress in how electricity yields economic, social and environmental benefits for all Canadians, and will continue to do so, for years to come. In 2020, we added a collection of 19 new projects from 14 members across Canada. Since launching in 2018, we have added 75 new innovations to the Centre of Excellence. From transmission line drones, to a provincially connected EV charging network, to a microgrid operational during wildfire season, these game-changing inventions and their project managers are featured in CEA’s newest interview series “The Future is Now.” Stay tuned to our social media throughout the winter to catch a glimpse of these electrifying stories and our members behind them.

Other stories

  • Clean Electricity Essential to Net-Zero – The Canadian Electricity Association comments on new federal Climate Plan
  • The Canadian Electricity Industry Takes Steps to Accelerate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • CEA Contributes to the Small Modular Reactor Action Plan
  • CEA responds to Federal Government Hydrogen Strategy
  • National Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Residential and Commercial & Industrial
  • Electricity Sector’s Resilience a Result of Safety-First Culture

Issue 22 (December 2020)

The 2020 Virtual Powering Partnerships Summit

The third annual Powering Partnerships event was held virtually in 2020 over a four day period, bringing together hundreds of CEA members and corporate partners. This year, CEA was delighted to feature Avery Shenfeld, Managing Director and Chief Economist of CIBC and Gerald Butts, Vice Chairman of Eurasia Group and Jeff Henley, Vice Chairman of the Board, Oracle Corporation as our keynote speakers. They reflected on the impact of COVID 19 on the economy and the impact of the Paris Accord on the energy sector. Two lively panel discussions featured Canadian speakers from coast to coast (watch here) and international panelists from the United States, Australia and Ireland (watch here). While we couldn’t host the popular event in person, CEA was pleased to include members from all council and committees. Please visit electricity.ca and follow us on social for videos highlights from Powering Partnerships 2020.

Other stories

  • Fall Economic Update
  • CEA Presents the 2020 Centre of Excellence
  • Supreme Court Right-of-Way Case: Hydro Quebec vs. Matta et al.
  • Turning down the heat – Electricity Infrastructure Wildfire Mitigation & Climate Change Adaptation
  • CEA Comments on Proposed U.S. Carbon Pricing Policy Statement
  • CEA Comments on Supply Chain Security Notice of Inquiry
  • CEA Member Post-U.S. Election Webinar
  • CEA Participates in Alberta Grid Exercise
  • CEA Celebrates Sustainability as Government outlines Net Zero by 2050 Framework
  • Canadian Electricity Association Honours Maritime Electric Lifesaver
  • OPG Commits to Being a Net-Zero Company By 2040 – Releases First-Ever Climate Change Plan
  • Canadian Electricity Association Celebrates Occupational Health and Safety Excellence in Virtual Awards Ceremony

Issue 23 (November 2020)

Building Back Better through Electrification

The leaders of the organizations that represent the breadth of Canada’s electricity sector came together on October 20th for the first time in history. Hosted by the Canadian Club of Ottawa, CEA’s President and CEO, Francis Bradley, moderated a discussion on how recovery from the steep economic slump precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic can support broader decarbonization of the economy. He was joined by the CEOs of the electricity trade associations representing new-style renewables, waterpower, nuclear, and human resources. The conversation focused on how our industry is poised to meet Canada’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and accelerating the transition to a cleaner energy future, especially considering the direction from government that post-pandemic recovery efforts will also advance goals like decarbonization. The panel voiced the opportunity to leverage electricity to build a more sustainable tomorrow, but doing so requires a concerted effort, including from government, with a clear, national strategy.

Other stories

  • Powering Partnerships Summit
  • Episode 027: Robert Hornung and renewable energy in Canada
  • CEA’s Input to Rural & Remote Broadband Consultation
  • Pre-U.S. Election Webinar
  • CEA Welcomes Two New Corporate Partners
  • Sustainable and Transition Finance Taxonomy Development

Issue 22 (October 2020)

The Canadian Electricity Association Board Committee on Sustainability Appoints First Female Chair

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) is pleased to announce that the new chair of its Sustainable Electricity Program’s Public Advisory Panel for 2020-2021 is Cara Clairman, Founder and CEO of Plug N’ Drive – the first woman to hold the position in the panel’s 23-year history.

As our sector continues to evolve from the changing customer expectations, to the integration of innovative technology, to the electrification of the economy, women will be integral to this transformation. The role that women play, and the perspectives they bring forward to pertinent conversations in the energy sector is a key driver for innovative and inclusive solutions. Gender diversity is needed for a successful clean energy transition.

CEA is looking forward to the value and leadership that Cara will bring to the Sustainable Electricity Program. “The electricity sector is of critical importance to our economy and also offers a significant opportunity to decarbonize other sectors of the Canadian economy while improving the lives of Canadians,” said Cara. “I am extremely pleased to continue the important work of the Public Advisory Panel on Sustainability as the new Chair.”

Other stories

  • CEA Develops Action Plan for Achieving Net-Zero GHG Emissions by 2050
  • Speech From the Throne
  • CEA Presents the Winners of the 2020 EV Awards
  • CEA Member ATCO Awarded the EEI’s Edison Award
  • Two New Episodes of The Flux Capacitor
  • CEA’s Path to Gender Equity
  • CEA Welcomes Two New Corporate Partners
  • Nalcor Energy presents its 2019 Sustainability Report
  • CoE Call for Innovation
  • Hydro Ottawa First Electric Utility in Canada to Earn International Certification

Issue 21 (September 2020)

“CEA Conversations Series” Launched in August!

The “CEA Conversation Series” is a new webinar series featuring innovative solutions and informative case studies of interest to those working in the electric utility space. Featuring presentations from leading suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to the electricity sector, the series highlights a variety of Canadian and world-wide solutions to current and future challenges faced by the industry. Webinar topics range from international performance based regulatory regimes through to payment innovations via Facebook, Alexa and other channels. Case studies and topics related to distributed energy resources, unplanned outages and a variety of COVID-19 impacts to the workforce are also explored. The first webinar in the series “COVID Recovery – Getting Employees Back To Work” premiered August 20 2020, presented by CEA Corporate Partner Guidehouse.

Up to 30 webinars are planned prior to the end of the calendar year and we are still scheduling! Everyone in the electricity space is encouraged to register and participate.

Other stories

  • Electrification is key to jumpstarting Canada’s slumping economy
  • Canada’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Action Plan
  • Utilities United Against Scams
  • New Episode 6 of Kids Talk Electricity
  • New Episode of the Flux Capacitor
  • CoE Call for Innovation
  • Neighbours Helping Neighbours
  • CEA Submits Comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Notice of Inquiry
  • U.S. Policy Meetings
  • North American Electricity Reliability Corporation (NERC) Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Department of Energy Request for Information (RFI)
  • Upcoming Power Marketers Council Meeting
  • CEA Welcomes Two New Corporate Partners
  • Canada’s Hydrogen Roadmap

Issue 20 (August 2020)

CEA Presents “The Grid 2020: The Transformation Issue”

On July 22, 2020, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) launched the 2020 edition of our annual magazine THE GRID. The 2020 issue focuses on the theme of “TRANSFORMATION” and the way it is affecting – and will continue to affect – the electricity sector. As the electricity sector looks ahead to 2050, one thing is abundantly clear: we must transform to meet our national climate goals. And while our industry was already on a fast track to change, COVID-19 further disrupted every aspect of not only our operations, but our lives.

This publication is one of the many ways CEA shares the latest electricity industry news, best practices and trends with its members, corporate partners, government partners and other key stakeholders while educating them on the work that the membership from coast-to-coast-to-coast is doing. During these difficult times, our sector has taken extraordinary actions to deliver a critical service—reliable, safe and affordable electricity—for Canadians. A special thank you to all the authors from CEA staff and CEA member companies, notably Fortis Inc., Capital Power, AltaLink, SaskPower, Ontario Power Generation, Alectra Utilities, Manitoba Hydro, Utilities Kingston, ENMAX, and Hydro Ottawa for their contribution to this publication and for sharing their valuable stories, initiatives and perspectives on the ever-changing electricity sector.

Other stories

  • Four New Episodes of The Flux Capacitor
  • CEA Celebrates National Lineworker Appreciation Day
  • Government Relations Update
  • CEA Participates in Public Hearing for the International Trade Commission
  • CEA’s Representation in the CAN/IEC Council
  • Leading Occupational Health and Safety Indicators
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC)
  • Electric Utilities: Participate in CEA’s Vegetation Management Survey
  • Clean Fuel Standard Update
  • PCB and Wood Preservatives Update
  • Distribution and Transmission Council Quarterly Digital Meetings
  • “CEA Conversations Series” Launches in August

Issue 19 (July 2020)

CEA Celebrates National Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10

Every day, lineworkers across Canada work to keep electricity flowing into our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. They are the highly trained men and women who work on installing and maintaining the complex hydro grid across cities, provinces and territories. Often faced with working in extreme conditions, lineworkers are trained to work efficiently, safely and collaboratively to keep the lights on. We have learned that it is no longer just downed lines, damaged generators or cyber-attacks that shut down communities and economies; health threats are equally, if not more, damaging. Electricity is the power behind the essential services who are supporting people everywhere, especially the most vulnerable. In appreciation for their commitment to serve fellow Canadians, CEA continues to recognize and support these men and women by celebrating National Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10 every year.

Other stories

  • CEA’s Virtual June Board Meeting
  • Kids Talk Electricity Series Continues
  • New Episodes of The Flux Capacitor
  • The Electricity Sector is a Natural Leader in Post Pandemic Recovery
  • CEA Government Relations Updates
  • CEA Digital Workshop Video Published with Editor’s note in Energy Regulation Quarterly (ERQ)
  • Power Marketers Council Update
  • CEA Rate Design Workshop
  • Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee Meeting
  • Canada Energy Regulator Workshop
  • CEA Generation Council Update
  • Implementation of the Fisheries Act
  • Corporate Knights ranks Alectra #3 in Canada on Best 50 Corporate Citizens list
  • CEA Welcomes New Corporate Partner Vlocity
  • Climate Adaptation Workshop
  • Customer Council Virtual Meeting

Issue 18 (June 2020)

CEA’s CAMPUT Workshop: Regulatory Perspectives on Electric Utility Pandemic Response & Digital Transformation

On May 6, CEA hosted our annual CAMPUT Workshop, Regulatory Perspectives on Electric Utility Pandemic Response & Digital Transformation in a digital format for the first time ever. This workshop had two main objectives. First, with utility business and financial models under increasing pressure from COVID-19 related challenges, we sought to spur thought leadership in terms of regulatory principles relating to revenue recovery by utilities in the months and years ahead. Secondly, given the increasing use of digital technologies by utilities for business agility and continuity, we used the recent KPMG report commissioned by CEA and CGA, Capitalizing the Cloud, to frame a larger discussion on incenting investments in technology and resilience by utilities.

Brien Sheahan, former Chair and Commissioner of the Illinois Commerce Commission, served as the keynote speaker and addressed the two issues above. Brien is well-known for his progressive regulatory record on utility innovation. He outlined a number of regulatory principles, such as urging the fair treatment of utilities in recovering revenue lost as a result of the current pandemic. He also discussed his rationale for increasing regulatory incentivization of utility investments that enable resilience and agility.

Other stories

  • CEA’s National Electricity Month Project: Kids Talk Electricity
  • Utility Wildfire Mitigation Guide 2020
  • CEA Drafts Letter to The Hon. Seamus O’Regan
  • CEA President and CEO Francis Bradley Participates in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Podcast
  • CEA Submits to CRTC Consultation
  • CEA Hosts a Virtual Workshop on Indigenous Rights
  • Capitalizing the Cloud Report Launch
  • Inaugural EVCx Forum a Success!
  • Niagara Health receives innovative N95 mask cleaner from Alectra Inc.
  • ENMAX Board Announces Wayne O’Connor as President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Emera Appoints Rick Janega as Interim President & CEO of Nova Scotia Power
  • CEA Members Receive Expanding Excellence Awards at CS Week

Issue 17 (May 2020)

Not All Jobs Can Be Done From Home

Across the supply-chain, CEA is working diligently to support our members who remain focused on critical operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is recognized by all levels of government and across our vast network that electricity is the power behind essential services, literally. We are providing a vital commodity to the services who need us the most; those who are supporting people everywhere, especially the most vulnerable.

The Canadian Electricity Association and our members remain focused on preserving the health and safety of our employees and the public, and delivering critical electricity supplies to communities across the country. Utilities are working hard to help their customers navigate these uncharted waters. There are only so many people who can operate the grid. Our members continue to engage customers every day so their lights stay on and electricity is available to power critical services such as health care, telecommunications, groceries and pharmacies.

CEA has put together a short video to remind Canadians about the critical nature of our work and why lineworkers may be working in the field during this pandemic. We are #PoweringThruTogether.

Other stories

  • CEA COVID-19 Planning and Response
  • Regulatory Easing Under COVID-19
  • CEA Member NB Power Announces New President and CEO
  • CEA Indigenous Relations Committee Meeting
  • SpareConnect Program
  • Looking Ahead With the NEIC
  • Regulatory Schedule for the Clean Fuel Standard Delayed
  • Electricity Sector reduces GHG Emissions by over 46% Between 2005-2018
  • CEA Meetings with FERC
  • CEA Executive Tabletop Report and Recommendations

Issue 16 (April 2020)

A message from our President and Chief Executive Officer, Francis Bradley

COVID-19 has changed the daily lives of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. The Canadian Electricity Association—in coordination with our industry and government partners—is closely monitoring and responding to COVID-19 developments. We are committed to the health and safety of our members, staff and the public.

The pace of COVID-19 developments has been exceptionally rapid, with the situation changing daily. CEA quickly mobilized and began working with our members, government partners and the electric utility industry to gather and share up-to-date information, best practices and guidance. Our collective efforts are helping protect the grid and ensure continued access to safe and reliable electricity during these difficult times. You can find up-to-date resources and information on our website.

Read Full Message Here

Other stories

  • CEA Presents to the Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
  • International Women’s Day Event: emPOWERing Women
  • Breakfast On the Hill
  • CIIT Comments & Appearance
  • Generation Council Meets in Ottawa
  • State of the Canadian Electricity Industry Webinar
  • DMs Meeting
  • Power of Art Contest Postponed

Issue 15 (March 2020)

CEA Presents the 2020 State of the Canadian Electricity Industry

We are proud to have released the 2020 State of the Canadian Electricity Industry at Globe Series this month, which convenes leaders from business, government, and civil society to share knowledge to accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy future.

The Canadian electricity industry is undergoing a period of unprecedented change through electrification, reconfigured governments and competitive markets. The need for a coordinated, proactive and collaborative approach to achieve Canada’s decarbonization goals, while meeting increasing demands on the grid, is the catalyst for the report.

The overall theme of transformation is inspired by electrification, the integration of new technologies, prospective changes in the regulatory environment and the continued decarbonization of the electricity sector.

Other stories

  • CEA Participates on the study of Pre-Budget Consultations
  • Two New Episodes of Flux Capacitor
  • CEA Hosts International Women’s Day Celebration
  • CEA On the Ground in Washington
  • NEW VIDEO: Meet CEA: The Proud Voice of Electricity in Canada
  • CEA Launches National Art Contest: #PowerofArt
  • Distribution Council Meeting
  • Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee meeting
  • Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council Meeting
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation Meeting

Issue 14 (February 2020)

CEA Welcomes Elexicon

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) is delighted to welcome Elexicon Energy as a new member. Formerly Veridian Connections Inc. and Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation, Elexicon Energy provides more than 168,000 residential and business customers with reliable and affordable energy services. They “power life’s most meaningful moments, creating harmonious connection between experiences and people and the environments where they dwell”.

“We are very excited to welcome Elexicon Energy as a new member to CEA. As the voice of electricity in Canada, we have a powerful presence in the dynamic and highly interconnected energy industry. Elexicon Energy will help strengthen that voice, creating a brighter future for the sector,” said Francis Bradley, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association.

“Elexicon Energy is proud to be joining CEA, and we look forward to connecting and collaborating with other progressive utilities across Canada,” said Lesley Gallinger, President and CEO of Elexicon Energy. “Our mission is to provide our customers with reliable, affordable energy services and to continuously improve to meet their needs, while ensuring the needs of our shareholders are met through continuous growth.”

Other stories

  • National Electricity Month in June
  • Metering Modernization
  • House of Commons Update
  • Regulatory Change to Allow PVNO
  • Smart Grid Symposium
  • New Corporate Partner in 2020

Issue 13 (January 2020)

A Farewell to Ann Kelly

After a successful 16 year career at the Canadian Electricity Association, Ann Kelly, Director of Customer, Energy Efficiency and Human Resources Committee, gracefully transitioned into retirement at the end of 2019. After initially working with CEA as a consultant in 2004, Ann became a full time staff member at CEA in January 2009. We would like to thank Ann for her many years of great leadership, commitment to working with members on promoting energy efficiency and conservation and dedication to customer service excellence.

Thank you, Ann, for your years of hard work and devotion to our team. Congratulations on your retirement!

Other stories

  • Conference of Parties (COP 25) Conference
  • Episode 014: Roger Dall’Antonia talks COP 25 and the distinctive perspectives of running a company both electricity and natural gas
  • Ministerial Mandate Letters Released on December 13th
  • The Qualities of Highly Effective Regulations Authored by CEA’s Jay Wilson
  • CEA Arrives at the Supreme Court of Canada
  • CEA Supports Regulatory Innovation at a CRTC Hearing
  • Oakville Hydro Receives Industry Award for 1.5 Million Hours Without Lost Time Injury
  • New Corporate Partners in 2020

Issue 12 (December 2019)

CEA’s Annual Powering Partnerships Summit

CEA’s annual Powering Partnerships Summit was held in Ottawa on November 13th. This premier annual event brought together CEA’s Board of Directors, councils, committees, corporate partners, government officials and industry stakeholders with a record turnout.

Amber Mac delivered the opening keynote, speaking to an increasingly connected world. Her presentation on relentless adaptation set the stage for the afternoon panel discussions on industry transformation and opportunities featuring executive leadership from BC Hydro, Yukon Energy Corporation, TransAlta, ENMAX, SaskPower, Manitoba Hydro, Hydro One and Toronto Hydro. CEA’s Corporate Partners Opus One, Oracle and Siemens joined the second panel, focusing on worldwide trends and industry disruption.

CEA’s annual Occupational Health and Safety and Lifesaver Awards ceremony was also held during the summit. Highlights included the presentation of the Sustainable Electricity designation to ENMAX and SaskPowerAltaLink was the first member ever to be re-designated.

The event culminated with a formal dinner featuring Peter Mansbridge, the Canadian voice of national news, as the keynote whose talk focused on trust.

Other stories

  • CEA Launches the 2019 Sustainable Electricity Report
  • 25th Session of the Conference of Parties (COP 25) to UN Framework on Climate Change
  • CEA Welcomes the New Federal Cabinet
  • New Episodes of the Flux Capacitor
  • CEA Supreme Court Appearance
  • CEA Submits Comments for U.S. Climate Change Policy Input Request
  • CEA Executive Tabletop Security Exercise
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meeting
  • CEA’s Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee Quarterly Meeting
  • Power Marketers Council Fall Meeting
  • Getting Ready For the Grid
  • EnerSecCC Face to Face Meeting

Issue 11 (November 2019)

CEA’s Election Update

On October 21st, Canadians elected a minority Liberal government. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals held on to government with strong showings in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario, but were shut out in Alberta and Saskatchewan and received fewer votes than Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives. Trudeau will govern by finding support from opposition parties- most likely the NDP. CEA members should expect that on key priorities, including climate change and regulatory reform, the government will continue in the same general direction as before, albeit with some pressure to move more aggressively on climate change or social spending measures. A new Cabinet, including a new Natural Resources Minister, will be announced on November 20th. We expect the House of Commons to be called back shortly thereafter for a Speech from the Throne. CEA’s election coverage included weekly election updates and a webinar discussing the outcome of the Federal Election and what it means for the Electricity Sector over of the next few years.

Other stories

  • 2019 Smart Grid Symposium
  • Pan-Prairie Energy Tour
  • Nalcor Recieves Sustainable Electricity Designation
  • Washington DC – Fly in
  • CEA Customer Council Plaque of Appreciation
  • CEA’s Customer Council Celebrates Ann Kelly
  • CEA Represents Canada at the International Electricity Summit in Japan
  • WIRES International Summit on the Electric Transmission Grid
  • CEA’s Supply Chain Committee Annual Fall Meeting
  • CEA’s Sustainable Electricity Steering Committee Meeting
  • Transmission Consultative Committee on Outage Statistics
  • Best Practices Transmission Committee
  • Oakville Hydro’s Dedication to Customer Service Leads to Industry Recognition
  • Distribution Council Face to Face

Issue 10 (October 2019)

The Path to Electrification and the Low Carbon Future

The 2019 Federal Election is looming with October 21st rapidly approaching. A central conversation for all political parties during this campaign is climate change. To ensure a continued focus on our electricity future as part of the solution for climate change, the Canadian Electricity Association has been facilitating a debate series about electrification with relevant stakeholders. While the path to electrifying Canada is not always clear, CEA knows it is necessary in ensuring a low carbon future for Canadians.

On September 16th, CEA kicked off the Electrification debate series in Vancouver with a discussion focused on the electrification of buildings. We were pleased to welcome Tyler Bryant from Fortis BC, Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze from Pembina, Akua Schatz from Canada Green Building Council and Stephen Wilson from Foresight to discuss new innovations, consumer choice, regulatory policy and greenhouse gas reductions as related to the electrification of buildings.

Other stories

  • 2019 Global Grid Forum
  • 2019 Communications Symposium
  • Powering Partnerships 2019
  • Without Electricity, This is a Cabinet
  • CEA Elections Update
  • Episode 011: BCUC’s David Morton Talks Rate Regulation
  • CEA Launches Instagram
  • The Resiliency Series: Episode 4
  • CEA Submits Comments for U.S. Decarbonization Input Request
  • The Annual Joint Use Practice and Policy Committee Face to Face
  • CEA’s Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee Quarterly Meeting
  • The Generation Consultative Committee on Outage Statistics Workshop
  • Earning and Maintaining Social License to Operate: Building a Sustainable Future for Communities and Industry
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Life Savers Awards
  • Transmission Equipment Forced Outage Report
  • CEA’s Human Resource Committee Meeting

Issue 9 (Septembre 2019)

Quilliq Energy Corporation Joins CEA

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) is delighted to welcome Quilliq Energy Corporation (QEC) as a new Member. CEA now has utility representation in all ten provinces and three territories across Canada! Owned by the Government of Nunavut, the QEC is the only generator and distributor of electrical energy in Nunavut, delivering electricity to 15,000 customers.

“We are very excited to welcome Quilliq Energy Corporation to CEA and our Generation Council. The national voice of electricity will be stronger with their inclusion,” commented Francis Bradley, President and CEO of CEA. QEC has 200 employees across the territory dedicated to supplying safe, reliable and efficient energy.

CEO of Quilliq Energy Corporation, Bruno Pereira stated, “QEC is pleased to be joining the CEA. As the sole generator of electricity in Nunavut, Qulliq Energy Corporation faces many of the same challenges other utilities encounter, but in a demanding arctic environment. Our customers extend over 3 time zones, and 20% of Canada’s landmass. We look forward to contributing to the vibrant discussion surrounding the CEA.”

Other stories

  • Pre-Budget Brief Submission
  • Episode 010: Cynthia Chaplin talks regulation and the future of electricity
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation Meeting
  • New Corporate Partners 2019
  • Symposium on Women in the Workplace
  • Ontario Communicators Meet Up

Issue 8 (August 2019)

CEA celebrates the first Canadian National Lineworker Appreciation Day

On July 10th, the Canadian Electricity Association was  joined by electricity companies across Canada for an industry-wide celebration of Canadian lineworkers. Often faced with extreme weather conditions, lineworkers are trained to work efficiently, safely and collaboratively to keep the lights on.

Julia Muggeridge from CEA and Joseph Muglia from Hydro Ottawa appeared on CTV Morning Live with Annette Goerner to talk about the first ever National Lineworker Appreciation Day in Canada, and how lineworkers work to keep electricity flowing into our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. CEA also launched a cross- Canada social campaign and created an NLAD video.

Other stories

  • CEA Acknowledges Traditional Indigenous Territory through Commemorative Plaque
  • The Canadian Electricity Association responds to the Government of Canada’s Output Based Pricing System
  • New Brookfield Renewable Canada Identity – Evolugen
  • Request for Proposals – Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative
  • Rio Tinto Joins Generation Council
  • FortisBC Joins Generation Council
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee Releases Updated Standards
  • Sustainable Electricity Steering Committee Announces New Chair
  • CEA’s Standards Management Committee
  • S&C Electric Company and North Bay Hydro Services Debut Canada’s First Utility-Scale Microgrid

Issue 7 (July 2019)

National Electricity Month: The Future is Electric

To kick off National Electricity Month, on June 3rd, the Canadian Electricity Association hosted “An Electrifying Night at the Museum” event at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Following a private cocktail reception, the feature presentation was a dramatic play rendition of “The Future of Electricity: 2040”. This play originated from four scenarios of what the future could look like developed during a visioning exercise by CEA’s National Emerging Issues Committee.

These visions of the future have been prepared into first person short stories by Kate Heartfield, a Nebula-nominated Ottawa author, to add a human face to how local generation, renewable energy, and more will change how we live. Kate’s short stories were transformed into monologues and preformed by local actors. In between each performance, industry experts discussed how and why these depictions of the future could be accurate. The evening concluded with a private viewing of the museum’s natural resources exhibit “From Earth to Us”.

Other stories

  • CEA Town Hall
  • CEA Town Hall
  • Channa Perera to Serve on the Canadian Domestic Advisory Group
  • National Lineworker Appreciation Day
  • The 2018 Service Continuity Report
  • Episode 008: NRCan Minister Sohi on the Central Role Electricity Will Play in Canada’s Future
  • Francis Bradley All in a Day Appearance
  • The Resiliency Series: Episode 2
  • Power Marketers Council Wholesale Power Marketers Policy Forum
  • Robert Bourassa Generating Facility Tour
  • Alectra recognized among Canada’s Best 50 Corporate Citizens by Corporate Knights
  • CEA’s Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee Quarterly Meeting
  • Climate Change Adaptation Workshops
  • MTPC Annual Face to Face Meeting
  • New Corporate Partners Join CEA
  • CEA’s Training Committee Meets in Winnipeg
  • OHS Committee – Keeping employees safe through updated metrics Chain Committee & Corporate Partner Event
  • In the Face of Climate Change

Issue 6 (June 2019)

2019 Centre of Excellence

On May 14th, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) celebrated electricity company innovation at the second annual Centre of Excellence reception. Utility members from across the country presented their innovative projects in a trade show-style reception at the Sir John A. Macdonald Building on Parliament Hill to a diverse audience of Members of Parliament, stakeholders, associations and government officials. CEA also hosted a press conference on the Hill as a lead-up to the reception. During the evening reception, representatives from 21 different utility members had the opportunity to present their work to a diverse audience and film a short video with CEA for social media promotion.

All projects are available for viewing on our website. Watch our behind the scenes video here.

Other stories

  • Canadian Electricity Association Names President and Chief Executive Officer
  • National Electricity Month Kick-off
  • Electricity on the Hill
  • Episode 005: Cara Clairman, A Practical Approach to Promoting Electric Vehicles
  • CEA files submission with CRTC to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of the electrical smart grid
  • Service Continuity Committee Workshop
  • Progress on Key Distribution Council Priority – Amendments to the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act tabled
  • Annual CAMPUT Workshop & Reception
  • Distribution Council Face to Face Meeting
  • Transmission Council Face to Face Meeting
  • Oakville Hydro recieves Centre of Excellence Award
  • New Corporate Partners Join CEA
  • Recent Indigenous Case Law and Implications on Electricity Sector: Webinar
  • Nexus Vitalis – Saskatchewan
  • Supply Chain Committee & Corporate Partner Event
  • EV Awards 2019
  • Sustainable Electricity – Adapting to a rapidly evolving regulatory, investment and physical climate
  • To Err is Human, but Safe Work is Essential – CEA’s OHS Committee learns how to prevent accidents in the real world

Issue 5 (May 2019)

2019 Board of Directors Washington Policy Forum

From April 10th to 12th, 2019, CEA held its annual Washington Policy Forum. This event serves an opportunity for CEA senior executive members to engage U.S. policymakers on issues affecting integrated cross-border electricity systems and markets. This year, the Forum offered insights into new challenges and opportunities following the midterm shake-up.

With Democrats in control of the House, climate change is back on the D.C. agenda, while the Trump Administration continues to pursue ‘America First’ energy, environment, and trade policies. Canada-U.S. trade uncertainty continues, as the renegotiated NAFTA still must be ratified. Grid security and resilience also remain top of mind.

The Forum provided the opportunity to gain on-the-ground perspectives, and to build relationships with U.S. thought-leaders, stakeholders and policymakers. The CEA delegation communicated the significance of the Canada-U.S. electricity relationship, and its role in North American prosperity; electric reliability and resilience; security; and environmental performance.

Other stories

  • The Canadian Electricity Association announces Climate Change Adaptation Plans in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada
  • The Resiliency Series: Episode 1
  • Future Scenarios as Trading Cards
  • Oakville Hydro Receives Environmental Excellence Award
  • Generation Council Meeting, Stakeholder Reception and Dinner
  • New Corporate Partners Join CEA
  • Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation Meeting
  • CEA Appears before the Senate on Bill C-68 and C-69
  • Navigant Consulting with Utility Regulators
  • THE GRID Magazine 2019
  • Leadership Lessons Book Launch at CS Week 2019
  • Labour Relations Symposium

Issue 4 (April 2019)

Federal Budget 2019

On March 19, the federal government released Budget 2019, Investing in the Middle Class, which provided strong support for Canadian energy and investments within the electricity sector. In fact, six of CEA’s key advocacy asks in 2018 were reflected in the federal budget; a demonstration of the government’s support for the electricity sector.

CEA strongly supports commitments made to electrifying the Canadian economy through electric vehicle incentives and charging infrastructure investments. CEA was pleased to see a commitment of $1.46 billion in clean energy and efficiency programs. This includes over $1 billion to reduce energy costs through energy efficiency programs focused on homes, communities and multi-residential buildings. This budget empowers Canadians to make clean energy choices. Following the budget, CEA issued a News Release, a Member’s Bulletin and hosted a webinar, which is now available for viewing. For further information on Budget 2019, please contact Michael Powell, Director of Government Relations.

Other stories

  • State of the Canadian Electricity Industry Town Hall
  • Episode 004: Gianna Manes, Living in Exponential Times and Thinking Differently
  • Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee meeting
  • New Corporate Partners Join CEA
  • CEA Joins Equal by 30
  • Support for the Recommendations of the Interim Report from the Advisory Council on Climate Action
  • Electricity and Gas Inspection Act Recommendations
  • Canada’s Future is Electric

Issue 3 (March 2019)

State of the Industry

Yesterday, CEA released the inaugural State of the Canadian Electricity Industry at Globe Capital-Financing the 21st Century. Chief Operating Officer (COO) Francis Bradley introduced the report noting, “The State of the Electricity Industry in Canada is strong.” Attendees at Globe Capital were introduced to key CEA advocacy initiatives to ensure the electricity sector is empowered to innovate and electrify the economy.

Other stories

  • The Canadian Electricity Association Celebrates 10 Years of Advancing Sustainability in the Electricity Sector
  • EHRC Presents Rob Lister with Leader of the Year Award
  • Standing Committee on Natural Resources
  • Episode 003 : Jim Robb and the Complex Future of the North American Grid
  • DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition
  • Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment, and Natural Resources
  • 2019 CFS Multi-Stakeholder Workshop
  • Chartwell Joins CEA as a New Corporate Partner
  • Measurement Canada Inspire Day
  • National Emerging Issues Committee Chair Moves to the CEA Board
  • Electri-FYI
  • EV Awards Nominations 2019

Issue 2 (February 2019)

We are excited to launch Flux Capacitor, the first-ever CEA podcast!

Episode 1: Francis Bradley interviews Karen Hutt, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power.

Podcast, featuring discussions on the future of the business of electricity, and the impacts of future technological change and market transformation on customers, companies, and the electricity business.  We will feature discussions with the industry’s business leaders, thought leaders, new market players, and stakeholders that have been pondering the future of how we create, move, trade and use energy, and what the future changes will mean for electricity companies, regulators, society, and customers.

Other stories

  • 2019 Deputy Ministers’ Meeting
  • Edison Electric Emergency Recovery Award
  • New CEA Working Group
  • New Corporate Partners 2019
  • Re-branding Current Affairs
  • OEB Innovation Sandbox
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Cryptomining
  • CEA On the Ground in Washington
  • The Energy Portal
  • CEA Members Recognized as Top Employers for Young People

Issue 1 (January 2019)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Addresses CEA

Welcome to CEA’s monthly newsletter – Current Affairs, a refreshed platform that will feature news and events pivotal to our changing electricity industry. One such event was the attendance of the Prime Minister at our annual Powering Partnerships event in 2018.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the CEA Board of Directors, Corporate Partners, and stakeholders marking the first time a sitting PM has attended and spoken at a CEA event. His eloquent remarks demonstrate the value the Government sees in the electricity sector as Canada continues down the path to a low carbon economy.

Other stories

  • COP 24 Perspective and Analysis
  • A Future Worth Investing In
  • Current Affairs – Welcome to our New Look!
  • New Corporate Partners 2019
  • Expanding Excellence Awards
  • First Ministers’ Meeting
  • Cultivating Competitiveness: Helping Canadians Succeed