There are Stranger Things Than The Power to Communicate

For well over a hundred years humans have been using electricity to enable communication. First we used the electricity with the telegraph, then the telephone, and we progressed, radio, television, shortly after computers, email, internet, and smartphones.

Humans are social creatures and we need to communicate. We did it before wide spread use of electricity, and now with it’s application we are literally communicating with each other across the globe within seconds. Not only around the globe, but off of it. With electricity we are able to communicate with the men and women on the International space station. Let’s not kid ourselves electricity is the great enabler of the 20th century. It will only expand our horizons, but holds secrets to possibly communicate beyond our own realm of existence.

That’s crazy talk! No, that’s a strange thing, or Stranger Things. In Netflix’s hit original series, we find a small band of boys trying to find a lost friend; a down on his luck cop trying to solve a missing child case and a crazed mother speaking to her lost son through Christmas lights. Lets’ think about it for a minute…if you are trapped in an extra dimensional backwards world with a Demogorgon, you simply have to call ma through the Christmas lights. It’ll make her so happy to hear from you…or so crazy.

Military scientists used large amounts of power (via electricity) to keep a portal open, only to lose a number of soldiers and scientists to another dimensional predator. With poor Will taken to the dark backwards upside-down dimension, destined to become no more than an appetizer for the mighty Demogorgon. Fortunately, it was that same portal that allowed the Sheriff and his mother to enter the backwards-upside down plane of existence, find Will, bring him back to his friends and family. While Eleven a young waffle-loving girl, with potentially enough mental power to challenge professor Xavier himself, takes on the Demogorgon and wins.

With the next season coming this summer, we are left to ponder how Eleven will return to her friends, through might of mind or through massive use of electrical power. What challenges will they face, man-made, extra-planar, but more importantly what will they use to communicate to each other. Bringing it home, how will we communicate in the future? Will we, as humans, be able to break theoretical dimensions and communicate with the inhabits that live, breath and eat there?  How will Stranger Things season 2 feed our imaginations?

While excitedly counting down to the quickly approaching season 2 of Stranger Things, I just might pull out my Christmas lights and toast some waffles…I just need to plug them in…or do I.