The Canadian Electricity Association’s Election Questionnaire to Federal Party Leaders and Parties

At the beginning of the election campaign, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) submitted an election questionnaire to federal political parties and their leaders, focused on seven critical issues in the electricity sector.

While electricity is provincially regulated, there is a clear and important role for the federal government in a host of important policy areas under the responsibility of over 30 federal departments and agencies. With this in mind, CEA thought it critical that its members get a sense of how each party views the federal government’s role on key issues, from the creation of a Canadian Energy Strategy, to cyber and physical security. Topics included:

  1. Enhancing the Federal Government’s Role in Electricity
  2. Federal Leadership to Advance Nation Building Electricity Infrastructure Projects
  3. Supporting Electricity Innovation
  4. Connecting the North
  5. Enhancing Security Against Cyber Attacks
  6. Protecting the Grid: Copper Theft
  7. Embracing the Electric Vehicle (EV)

To see CEA’s full questionnaire, click here.

CEA gave the parties several weeks to complete the questionnaire, with responses due back on October 5th, 2015. Responses can be found below, in the format submitted by each party. If further responses are received prior to October 19th, CEA will update this post accordingly.

To see the Liberal Party of Canada’s response, click here.

To see the New Democratic Party’s response, click here.

To see the Green Party of Canada’s response, click here.


Geoff Smith is CEA’s Director of Government Relations.