Reducing Energy Consumption Through Leading Edge Submetering Technology

Energy conservation and carbon reduction are being adopted as broad public policy goals in many provinces across Canada. Ontario recently introduced legislation that will provide the legal basis for a cap-and-trade program which will set province-wide limits on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) with an annual reduction in the cap to meet a 2020 target. The government has also released draft regulations under which large industrial emitters will be able to produce GHG emissions at current levels until 2017 and then will have to reduce their emissions by 4 percent annually until 2020.

Other provinces are taking initiatives with similar objectives. Alberta now requires facilities that emit 100,000 tonnes or more of GHG to annually reduce their site-specific emissions by 15 per cent and 20 per cent as of January 1, 2017. British Columbia has enacted The Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act which sets performance standards for industrial facilities or sectors by listing them within a Schedule included in the Act. The Schedule also includes an emission benchmark for coal-based electricity generation operations.

These initiatives provide new incentives for industry to develop innovative new technology and services to meet these recent requirements. In the past, the traditional strategy has been to focus on new, more efficient types of equipment and technology. This approach ignores a massive area of opportunity, namely the reduction of energy operating costs. This is where CircuitMeter’s advanced and low cost metering that is now coming onto the market can be a critical factor in enabling energy analysts and engineers to scrutinize energy use in detail, identify waste, and reduce costs. CircuitMeter’s technology can identify where energy is being wasted through mistakes in control system settings, equipment working many hours longer than required per week, equipment operating for long periods of time inefficiently due to lack of maintenance, aging/deteriorating components, or a low power factor.

Photo courtesy of CircuitMeterPhoto courtesy of CircuitMeter

CircuitMeter’s low cost technology permits facility managers to capture data related to energy usage from every circuit in an electrical panel within a building or industrial facility. The data is transmitted to the cloud in real time, with its high powered CircuitMonitoring software providing building operators with a circuit-by-circuit view of their electrical usage and trends, as well as notifications of anomalies. Historical and real-time detailed analyses are provided through the use of visual dashboards and reports. Facility managers have the ability to receive their energy information at an enterprise level, and at the individual circuit level within a facility.

Many estimates place electrical energy waste at 30 percent or more. With leading edge technology now available to identify this waste, an entire new sector of carbon use becomes feasible as a target for reduction. In this case, Canada has an opportunity to show leadership in the battle to reduce GHG emissions and reach carbon reduction goals.


Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter, has led the Company since 2014. During his career, he has developed businesses in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia in technology and infrastructure. For the past ten years, Paul has focused on the Cleantech sector, where he served as CEO of CleanEnergy, a geothermal company, and as a business advisor to the MaRS Cleantech Practice.