Heroes Among Us

The power is out.

A few deep breaths.

As Canadians, we know we’re blessed. That it be could be worst, but still!

So much of our modern world depends on a steady flow of electricity. It powers among other things what Steve Jobs called “a bicycle for the mind”; the computers and their worldwide network that helps us imagine and do the impossible, or to finally send that memo the boss requested weeks ago.

After a particularly terrible storm, we can be suddenly thrown back a century, unable to use the many tools and amenities that makes present-day living so much better.

To restore power, and modern civilization, someone must go out to face the blizzard, the freezing rain and falling trees. These men and women, we called them lineworkers, regularly face high-risk conditions to ensure Canadians have access to reliable, affordable and clean energy. In fact, this year the Globe and Mail ranked lineworkers as having one of the 10 riskiest jobs in Canada.

It is only fitting that in appreciation for their commitment to serve their fellow Canadians, despite the dangers, we call on the federal government to designate July 10th as National Lineworker Appreciation Day.

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