Electricity: The Good News Energy Story

Clean energy matters because Canada is the fifth largest producer of all types of energy in the world, and the sixth largest consumer of energy.

As the world turns its attention to the UN Convention on Climate Change, the Canadian Electricity Association is proud to highlight our sector’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Did you know?

  • Canada’s electricity system is one of the cleanest internationally, at over 80 per cent low/non-greenhouse gas emitting[1].
  • The electricity sector is currently leading all Canadian industrial sectors in the reduction of CO2. In fact, the electricity industry represents just 12.3 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada.[2]
  • Electric vehicles present an incredible opportunity for the electricity sector to further contribute to a lower carbon future by electrifying the transportation sector. By switching to an electric car, Canadians can reduce their CO2 emissions by as much as 5,000 kg per year, or, about 90 per cent.[3]

Electricity: Canada’s Clean Energy Solution

To learn more about what CEA members are doing in their own communities to ensure clean power for the future, I encourage you to read the Delivering Value to Canadians: 2015 Sustainable Electricity Annual Report.

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