CEA’s Top 10 Recommendations for Powering a Continental Clean Energy and Environment Agreement

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We released The North American Grid: Powering Cooperation on Clean Energy & the Environment on April 19, 2016. Motivated by the Government of Canada’s active pursuit of a new continental agreement on clean energy and the environment, this paper outlines CEA’s top 10 recommendations.

Against the backdrop of a global consensus to combat climate change, North America’s energy story is undergoing a dynamic transformation. Consequently, a strategic cooperative approach to leveraging the region’s incredible energy potential is imperative. CEA asserts that the opportunities for enhanced prosperity, security, and environmental performance are far more numerous when Canada, the United States, and Mexico pursue them together—rather than in isolation.

Electricity continues to be Canada’s clean energy solution. Over 80 per cent of our portfolio is GHG non-emitting, and we have historically been a major net exporter of power. Furthermore, across Canada, the United States, and Mexico, there are fundamental shifts underway in the production and consumption of energy. The North American Grid: Powering Cooperation on Clean Energy & the Environment paper provides a roadmap for leveraging the integrated electricity system, as a foundation for expanded trilateral collaboration.

  1. Increase trade in clean electricity
  2. Promote the electrification of transportation
  3. Streamline permitting processes for cross-border transmission projects
  4. Pursue joint innovation and research and development (R&D) projects
  5. Support Clean electrification in remote and Indigenous communities
  6. Coordinate carbon pricing mechanisms
  7. Examine climate adaptation risks and practices
  8. Enhance electric grid security and reliability
  9. Collaborate on energy information
  10. Ensure meaningful consultation with industry

Read the full report here.

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