As a part of the CEA Occupational Health and Safety program, CEA collects yearly data on workplace injuries. This data provides broad insights on how the industry fares overall, how well we do against other industries, and how well our individual members do against each other. And we use that data to continuously improve. As […]

Clean Energy Investments For Even Greener Results Renew Canada, the national voice of infrastructure, recently published its annual Top 100 Biggest Infrastructure Projects, ranking various sectors from transport and transit to buildings and energy. More importantly, a whopping 7 out of the top 10 projects are energy infrastructure projects, worth over $68 billion in total, […]

On Thursday, January 18, CEA held its 5th Annual Meeting with Federal Deputy Ministers (DMs). The day consisted of a larger DMs meeting and a security-specific discussion, with Malcolm Brown, the DM for public safety. It followed by an introductory meeting between the CEA delegation and the new U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft. The CEA […]

For well over a hundred years humans have been using electricity to enable communication. First we used the electricity with the telegraph, then the telephone, and we progressed, radio, television, shortly after computers, email, internet, and smartphones. Humans are social creatures and we need to communicate. We did it before wide spread use of electricity, […]

  Visualization: Sourced data from IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2016 and World Bank Open Data Source. Canada is a leader in electricity generation, producing some of the cleanest and most affordable power in the world. Hitting this “sweet spot”, balancing environmental leadership with affordability, is not easy. In fact, only two developed countries manage […]

The CEA Analytics program collects and hosts reams of reliability data for each of its programs – (Bulk Electricity System, Service Continuity, Equipment Reliability Information System (Generation and Transmission). Members of these programs enter their own data via a web application, create reports and/or analyze the data – all they need is their password. This […]

The Canadian Electricity Association would like to introduce our newest Corporate Partner, ARCOS, we look forward to working with them as we continue to advance Canada’s electricity sector! ARCOS is the North American leader in delivering innovative resource management software to help utilities of all sizes: plan for and respond to outages, gas leaks, restore service, […]

Electricity has been called the great enabler of modern society. From the alarm that wakes us up in the morning to the traffic lights that guide us to work and home again, electricity is central to our lives. So much so that we often forget it is there at all. We just know it will […]

Tap tap tap tap tap…. The sound of a woodpecker ranges in pleasantness depending on your location. In the woods? In your garden? You’re probably treating the woodpecker like a celebrity sighting and quickly snapping photos. In bed, trying to catch up on sleep? You’re probably cursing the small to mid-sized tree-dweller. And if you’re […]