U.S. and Canada’s
Electrifying Partnership

by Leah Michalopulos

The holiday season offers an opportunity to take stock of the positive relationships that make our lives a bit brighter. One for which the electricity sector is particularly thankful is the electricity partnership between Canada and the U.S. This longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship has not only stood the test of time, but it continues […]

The future of the
electricity business

by Francis Bradley

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately.  Both the future generally, and about the future of the electricity business. This focus on the future was partly triggered by a decision of the CEA Board of Directors two years ago, and partly by a sense that I was lied to as a kid by […]

Heroes Among Us

by Mouktar Abdillahi

The power is out. A few deep breaths. As Canadians, we know we’re blessed. That it be could be worst, but still! So much of our modern world depends on a steady flow of electricity. It powers among other things what Steve Jobs called “a bicycle for the mind”; the computers and their worldwide network […]

National Electricity Month – Life in the Dark

by Marsha Voltaire

Your alarm goes off, you take a shower, you read the news and have your breakfast. On your way to work, you fill up the tank of gas, while circulation is managed by traffic lights. Arrived at work, you get on your computer and communicate with people thousands of miles away. You search the web […]

New Corporate Partner: Preformed Line Products

by Canadian Electricity Association

The Canadian Electricity Association would like to introduce our newest Corporate Partner Preformed Line Products (PLP). PLP is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality cable anchoring and control hardware and systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices. We also offer a complete line of Charpy rated Pole Line […]

Powering Time Travel

by Dan Gent

Time travel has been a fleeting thought in the minds of men and women since 1895 when British author H.G. Wells published the Time Machine. Let’s cut to the chase. Who wants to time travel? Imagine jumping into your time machine and going into the future. Vacationing in 2025, then coming back. You would know sports […]

The Faces Behind the Numbers

by Wouter van Halderen

As a part of the CEA Occupational Health and Safety program, CEA collects yearly data on workplace injuries. This data provides broad insights on how the industry fares overall, how well we do against other industries, and how well our individual members do against each other. And we use that data to continuously improve. As […]

Renew Canada’s 2018 Top 100 Canadian Infrastructure Projects

by Marsha Voltaire

Clean Energy Investments For Even Greener Results Renew Canada, the national voice of infrastructure, recently published its annual Top 100 Biggest Infrastructure Projects, ranking various sectors from transport and transit to buildings and energy. More importantly, a whopping 7 out of the top 10 projects are energy infrastructure projects, worth over $68 billion in total, […]

CEA Member CEOs, Deputy Ministers, and Ambassador Craft Meeting

by Justin Crewson

On Thursday, January 18, CEA held its 5th Annual Meeting with Federal Deputy Ministers (DMs). The day consisted of a larger DMs meeting and a security-specific discussion, with Malcolm Brown, the DM for public safety. It followed by an introductory meeting between the CEA delegation and the new U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft. The CEA […]

2017 Board & Corporate Partners Event

by Holleh Rahmati

Our pivotal, annual event wrapped up a few short weeks ago with a full house that included Board Members, Corporate Partners, senior utility executives and many CFOs. We were pleased with how everyone was actively engaged, with several in attendance participating on two very timely panels. The first panel – NAFTA Negotiations – moderated by […]