Canada is a World Leader in Clean, Affordable Power – But Can it Stay in the Sweet Spot?

by Dan Gent

  Visualization: Sourced data from IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2016 and World Bank Open Data Source. Canada is a leader in electricity generation, producing some of the cleanest and most affordable power in the world. Hitting this “sweet spot”, balancing environmental leadership with affordability, is not easy. In fact, only two developed countries manage […]

CEA Analytics – Behind the Scenes

by Anne-Marie Battis

The CEA Analytics program collects and hosts reams of reliability data for each of its programs – (Bulk Electricity System, Service Continuity, Equipment Reliability Information System (Generation and Transmission). Members of these programs enter their own data via a web application, create reports and/or analyze the data – all they need is their password. This […]

Welcome ARCOS!

by Canadian Electricity Association

The Canadian Electricity Association would like to introduce our newest Corporate Partner, ARCOS, we look forward to working with them as we continue to advance Canada’s electricity sector! ARCOS is the North American leader in delivering innovative resource management software to help utilities of all sizes: plan for and respond to outages, gas leaks, restore service, […]

June is National Electricity Month

by Canadian Electricity Association

Electricity has been called the great enabler of modern society. From the alarm that wakes us up in the morning to the traffic lights that guide us to work and home again, electricity is central to our lives. So much so that we often forget it is there at all. We just know it will […]

Feathered Friend or Foe?

by Asuka Boehm

Tap tap tap tap tap…. The sound of a woodpecker ranges in pleasantness depending on your location. In the woods? In your garden? You’re probably treating the woodpecker like a celebrity sighting and quickly snapping photos. In bed, trying to catch up on sleep? You’re probably cursing the small to mid-sized tree-dweller. And if you’re […]

Now You See Me; Now You Don’t

by Canadian Electricity Association

Canada’s first beyond visual line of sight drone flight a success Unmanned flight so recently seemed like a thing of futuristic movies and comic books. A few short years down the road and anyone can purchase a drone on the internet for a few hundred dollars. Although commonly known for their great panoramic selfies, small […]

Electricity for Another World

by Dan Gent

Many of us take electricity for granted. Actually I’d go as far and say that almost 100% of us do. I know I do. I flick a switch and voila! Lights on. Amazing, magical even. With the birth of electricity we have some pretty amazing tools, the light-bulb for starters, the computer, smartphones, air conditioning,  […]

The Case for Pragmatic Innovation

by Justin Crewson

When using the term “renewable revolution”, many conjure up images of the French Revolution, when an entire social and political system was upended in under ten years. While technological revolutions can sometimes occur rapidly (i.e. the Internet Revolution), more often they are much slower. Such is the case with the Industrial Revolution that arguably began […]

Christmas Eve Blackout

by Maxime Tremblay

The holiday season is filled with common traditions like Christmas trees and family dinners. In the province of Quebec, a more unusual, and unplanned, holiday tradition is Candlelight Christmas. Over the last five years Hydro Quebec’s distribution system has been impacted by severe weather events in late December. One of the most memorable outages was […]

Powering the Walking Dead

by Dan Gent

February 12th, 2017 is fast approaching. You might be saying to yourself, “February 12th, so what?” This year, in my household, February 12th holds a higher priority then February 14th. And here is why. Imagine a time where there was no electricity. Often we might jump into the old west or medieval times, into a […]