Putting Utility Customers at the Center of Decarbonization Efforts

by Oracle

The focus on reducing carbon emissions has never been clearer. This is especially true in Canada where the country’s Net-Zero Accountability Act, introduced in November 2020, formalized our target to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. Many think that achieving decarbonization targets is dependent on replacing traditional generation sources with renewables like wind, solar and hydrogen. Of course, […]

Proactive businesses turning to Specialized Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) companies are yielding exemplary recovery rates.

by ContactPoint 360

As the economy starts to get back up to speed, unemployment rates are dropping, and more money is beginning to flow through the economy at all levels. Yet even with these positive economic trends, many companies are still carrying a heavy load of past due receivables on the balance sheet and now must prioritize efforts […]

Data Ownership vs. Data Privacy: A Word of Caution

by Dan Gent

Data privacy is at the forefront of discussions in almost everything we do online.  With the advent of smartphones, companies across the globe know what you bought for breakfast, where you hang out, and can even recommend what you might want to watch next or what to purchase. All this is done through data, your […]

Modernizing the Grid: Adapting to the Use of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

by Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Moving away from the traditional, centralized energy system toward a more dynamic, decentralized energy infrastructure is necessary for a greener, more sustainable energy future. While there is clearly a need for large-scale, centralized renewable energy sources, utilities also need to embrace the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs have become a major part of […]

Extending Canada’s Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance Classes: In Time and Scope

by Vanna Willerton

Canadian electric utility companies are faced today with a double-edged financial sword. They must invest to meet the increased need for clean electricity that is required for Canada to reach its climate goals. They must also ensure the safe, secure, and reliable delivery of electricity, even as the escalating effects of climate change present new […]

Electrify This … Lawnmowers

by Dan “Sparky Watts” Gent

Roll up your sleeves and grab a dirt shovel it’s yard work season for Canadians across the country.  As we are knee-deep in summer, there is no sound I love waking up to more than the roar of my neighbour’s gas-powered lawnmower on a Saturday morning. Just kidding. Out of 13 million households across Canada, […]

Utilities Feeling the Pressure to Provide Customers with the Latest in Electronic Bill Presentment Solutions


The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, quickly altering almost every aspect of our lives, including how we want to receive and pay our bills. This change in customer behaviour and preferences has triggered a rapid migration to digital technologies as customers and businesses scrambled to adapt to our new reality. Though we certainly […]

Advancing Women in the Skilled Trades – Perspectives from a Recently Enlightened Male

by Justin Crewson

This piece was originally published by Electrical Business Magazine Although I now operate out of an office, or more accurately a dining room that doubles as an office, I spent many of my younger years working with “my hands”. In my teens, I was a labourer and a forklift operator for a logistics company. Later, […]

The energy grid of the future: The evolution and opportunities of Distributed Energy Software

by Opus One Solutions

From individual residences and communities, to commercial and industrial facilities—we all rely on energy. In order to ensure that it’s readily available for a changing world, including the emergence of electric vehicles and connected devices, energy grids have to get smarter. Advanced analytics, digital dashboards and operational algorithms make it possible for utilities to respond […]

Climate Adaptation in the Electricity Sector

by Shahrzad Simab

After two years of collaboration with electricity companies across Canada, the Canadian Electricity Association launches CLIMATE CHANGE & EXTREME WEATHER: A Guide to Adaptation Planning for Electricity Companies in Canada. Shahrzad Simab, Manager of Clean Energy and Climate Change at CEA tells us all about the goals and protocols of this massive undertaking and why […]