Awards Sustainable Electricity

The Sustainable Electricity awards program promotes the high-level goals set out in the Sustainable Development‒Corporate Responsibility Policy and recognizes sustainability leaders in the electricity sector.


2016 Advancement of an Integrated Approach to Sustainability Award

This award is given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated sustainability strategy within the company.

Toronto Hydro Corporation Toronto Hydro Corporation

Toronto Hydro has built a company culture around sustainability, making it a fundamental corporate value and integrating the concept into its overall business strategy. In recent years, the organization has undertaken and prioritized multiple strategic projects and initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to the goals and objectives of sustainability.

2016 Commitment to Continuous Performance Improvement Award

This award is given to a company that has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability performance improvement through new projects, programs, and initiatives.

Power Stream PowerStream

Powerstream’s decision to tackle initiatives that progressively apply sustainability principles and learnings to its business operations are an example for the electricity industry in Canada. It views sustainability not as a cost to its business, but rather as guidance for implementing management systems designed to increase its operational effectiveness.

2016 Leadership in External Collaboration and Partnerships

This award is given to a company with a strong commitment to external collaboration and partnerships with Aboriginal Peoples, local communities, and other stakeholders.

Ontario Power Generation Ontario Power Generation

Through joint ventures with Indigenous groups, Ontario Power Generation has successfully developed numerous projects to produce safe, renewable and clean electricity while providing education, training, jobs and contract opportunities to surrounding Indigenous communities. OPG is committed to exploring business partnerships that maximize employment while developing a qualified workforce, and building long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships with Indigenous communities that are guided by a respect for languages, customs, and social and cultural practices.

2016 Individual Leadership on Sustainability Issues Award

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership on sustainability issues within the electricity sector.

Neil Freeman
VP of Business Development
Horizon Utilities

CEA is proud to present its first ever SE award for individual achievement to Neil Freeman, who has passionately campaigned for a broader acceptance of sustainability as a pillar of electricity planning. At Horizon Utilities, Neil has used a three-stage approach to sustainably, getting the company’s operations on a sustainable path; reorienting operations to promote customer sustainability; and ensuring Horizon contributed community sustainability.

Because of his tireless dedication to Horizon Utilities’ broader sustainable development impact, Neil helped integrate community level approaches to energy use, to decrease energy use by individual customers, and increase the energy efficiency benefits for their community.

Apply for a Sustainable Electricity Award

Through the mandatory Sustainable Electricity program, CEA members commit to integrate sustainability into their company operations.

The Sustainable Electricity Awards recognizes companies in the electricity sector who have achieved the high-level goals of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

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