Awards Sustainable Electricity

The Sustainable Electricity awards program promotes the high-level goals set out in the Sustainable Development‒Corporate Responsibility Policy and recognizes sustainability leaders in the electricity sector.


2019 Integrated Approach to Sustainability Award

This award is given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated sustainability strategy within the company.

Ontario Power Generation

In recognition of OPG’s Green Bonds Issuance, creating an innovative and productive way to align financial and sustainability goals.

2019 Continuous Performance Improvement Award

This award is given to a company that has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability performance improvement through new projects, programs, and initiatives.

Hydro One

In recognition of Hydro One leading the way in providing Indigenous procurement opportunities in a mutually respectful manner.

2019 Leadership in External Collaboration and Partnerships

This award is given to a company with a strong commitment to external collaboration and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and other stakeholders.

Fortis BC

In recognition of FortisBC’s collaboration with various engaged stakeholders to create the Kootenay EV Corridor.

2019 Individual Leadership on Sustainability Award

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership on sustainability issues within the electricity sector.

Max Cananzi Alectra

In recognition of Max Cananzi’s achievements over the years including promoting sustainability broadly and locally within the electricity sector.

Apply for a Sustainable Electricity Award

Through the mandatory Sustainable Electricity program, CEA members commit to integrate sustainability into their company operations.

The Sustainable Electricity Awards recognizes companies in the electricity sector who have achieved the high-level goals of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.